This Is Now

It’s been well over a year since we were consistently blogging…

Sometimes… it feels like a lifetime ago! So many things began to happen in each of our lives that eventually took us away from our blog. We felt it happening… and it was just something that got put on the back burner. Something HAD to give!!!


Fast forward to NOW…

Physically, we are not happy with ourselves. Let’s just say we may have “fallen off the wagon” and really just didn’t have the strength to get back on. Being mentally and physically exhausted took it’s toll…. and then we just think laziness kicked in.

As sisters, we originally used this blog as a way to hold each other accountable. We need to do this again. Deep down inside, we know this is the fastest way to get back on track.  We hope that as we work to “get back on the wagon” and make our health a priority that it will help you and others realize that sometimes “LIFE just HAPPENS”. Our hope is to continue our journey and help others see that it is possible to pick yourself up again and get back what might have been temporarily lost.

We will now be posting our daily food journal here!



My Secret World of Crazy

I’m not really sure how to write this post.  I only know that I want to write it.  It’s also a little scary, cause I’m about to let you into my secret world of crazy ;).  Over the last year and a half I have been suffering from acute anxiety and isolating depression.  If you’ve been lucky enough to never experience either of these, I can tell you that for me it came on very quickly and out of nowhere.  All of a sudden small things, like brushing my teeth in the morning, seemed like such an enormous task that I could barely manage it.  I couldn’t function.  I couldn’t think straight or make decisions, because it felt like my brain was in a fog.  I didn’t want to hang out with other people or do anything fun at all.  I just wanted to stay in bed all day and cry.  It was like I had a constant feeling of impending doom.  If any of you know me personally, you know that is not my personality at all.  I’m very outgoing, active, loud, love to have fun and laugh; I had lost my spark.  But I think the worst part was that somewhere in my subconscious I knew how I was acting and knew it was wrong, but I couldn’t change it, or didn’t want to.  I had known people who had been depressed before and my thoughts were, why don’t they just get over it.  I realized people don’t understand mental disorders, unless they’ve had one.  My husband was so patient and understanding.  He wanted so badly to fix it, or help me fix it, but it wasn’t up to him.  The only person who was going to pull me out of whatever it was that I had sunk into, was me. f4f01e30b23bdb2681b4d1d09cfbfbb7During this time I had family come to visit and learned that my family has a history of depression.  My mom urged me to go see a doctor and get on some medication, but I was strongly opposed to taking meds.  I didn’t want to have to depend on a medication to make me feel good.  This wasn’t me!!  I wasn’t like this!!  But apparently, I was.  After talking to a handful of family and friends that had dealt with similar issues, and realizing that my husband was about to leave to go out of the country again and I needed to start being able to function, I decided to go see a doctor.  I did end up going on medication, but also started visiting my brother-in-law who is an Applied Kinesiologist and Chiropractor.  Along with his magic voodoo ;), he put me on some supplements, encouraged me to be aware of my diet (meaning to stop eating so many starburst jelly beans), and also to start doing less stressful exercise, things like yoga or walking.  Apparently CrossFit is not good for people with an overtaxed nervous system (kind of like giving a person who has had too much coffee, a Red Bull).  The hard thing is that when you’re depressed, or when I was, I didn’t want to eat and I didn’t want to workout.  It took way too much effort to make myself something to eat, when I already had to do it for my 2 kids.  I did try to get on my mat, even if only for 10 minutes, every day.  Those were the times when I felt the best, thus leading to my interest in becoming a teacher. Eventually, I did start to feel better.  I don’t think I’d say I’m 100% back to where I was, but definitely doing a lot better.  I have good days and not so good days, but so does everyone else. With the help of an awesome and hilarious therapist, I’ve come to realize that I’m a fighter.  Depression and anxiety will not define me.  They may have their way with me from time to time, but I will come back stronger, having learned more to help me through the next time.  Which is why I decided to write this post.  Sure I could have kept a private journal, but I don’t want to hide it anymore.  It’s exhausting acting like everything is super awesome all the time.  It’s also very lonely, because instead of having to pretend, you start pushing people farther and farther away so they don’t find out the truth. 91c06b46f61aafd212410ab95377c080 If you are struggling with depression, don’t be afraid to get help.  You’re not alone.  And if you can only do 3 things every day, do these:  eat healthy (lean meats, fruits, veggies, good grains, and healthy fats…sounds so simple right?), do some kind of exercise if only for 20 minutes (you get a bonus if it’s outside), and read something uplifting (advice given to me from my bro-in-law).  I would also say get lots of sleep, but that wasn’t a problem for me.  I slept all the time.  Surround yourself with family and friends that love you no matter what and will be there to help.  There are a lot of people that have helped and continue to help me everyday, including these three yahoo’s/loves of my life. IMG_5692 The good news is, it won’t always be like this.  You will feel better.  “You is smart.  You is kind.  You is important.” ” And doggone it, people like you.”  :)

Coming Soon…

We’ve been out of the blogging scene for a while, but would like to get back to it soon. It may not be daily updates…. but we sure do miss it and look forward to getting back at it!



Thoughts on workouts and a yummy steak rub recipe

So I’m playing with a couple ideas… #1 getting my yoga teaching certification and #2 possibly my CrossFit Level 1 certification.  I was thinking the other day while I was doing a workout in my garage about how far I’ve come in the past 5 years.  Going from workouts that were just walking on a treadmill, to workout videos (I used to love Debbie Siebers Slim in 6), to being introduced to CrossFit in Park City (by who is now one of the most well known CrossFit athletes in the US), to some P90X, to workouts with my trainer David, to running, to spin, to hot yoga, to crazy Army workouts, to P90X2, etc, etc.  The reason I started thinking about it was because I’m headed to Utah next week for spring break and would love to workout at the CrossFit gym there.  The last time I was there, I couldn’t do a box jump (barely could on the small box), I couldn’t do a pull-up (without a LOT of assistance), and I couldn’t lift what I can now.  However, IT DIDN’T MATTER, because I still loved it!  Don’t get me wrong though cause I’m totally happy that I can now do box jumps on a 24″ box!  But it was just cool to think about the difference I’ve made in my health and fitness.  I don’t feel like I’m a total workout or dieting freak though.  I don’t hang out at the gym for fun.  If I don’t feel like working out I don’t, I always listen to my body.  If I want to eat an entire bag of starburst jelly beans in one day, I do (1000 calories…true story, it happened)!  I finally feel comfortable in my own skin and just relaxed about my eating and my workouts like I never used to be.

I thought it would be fun to blog my workouts and give possibilities for scaling it down (it will also be nice to have them all in one spot).  However, I am not a trainer and some of these moves require knowledge of how to do them so you don’t hurt yourself.  You can google the moves and watch videos on how to do them, but please don’t attempt something you have no idea how to do.

The thing I like about the Cedar Park CrossFit gym is that they have a warm-up all set out and a strength move (which allows you to work on form and build weight) and then a Workout of the Day (WOD).

Workout 3/6

Warm-up exercises:

6 each- walking lunges, leg cradles, hand walks, pvc pipe arm circles (could use a broom or just do arm circles), press ups

10 each- burpees, jumping jacks, high knees, butt kicks, bottom squat hold (1min first round, :30 second), squats, push-ups

Strength- Push jerks (basically a press up of weight while standing up from your shoulders to overhead) 3-3-3-3 (4 sets of 3 reps) my weight (mw) was 65, 65, 75, 75, then one set of reverse shoulder to overhead so starting at the top and coming down slowly on a 4-count 8-12 reps mw 65.

*You can modify with weight and by just using dumbbells instead of a bar.

WOD- 15 clean and jerks then 3 rounds of 12 burpee box jumps (do a burpee on one side of the box then jump up on it and down the other side burpee on that side jump up on box, etc), 14 kettle bell swings, 16 sit-ups

*Modify burpee box jumps by doing modified burpees and stepping up on the box, modify kettle bell swings by using a dumbbell.

Here are some pics from a local competition I did with my friend Danielle.  The workout was 1 min sled push (with 45lb weight), 1 min clean (65lb), 1 min box jumps, 1 min squat thrusters (55lb), 1 min rest for 20 min.  It kicked my trash.


Box Jump

 Squat Thruster



I love to use this on flank steak, but it’s good on any type of steak!

Montreal Steak Seasoning

Lawry’s Seasoning (red cap)

Garlic Salt

Onion Powder

I just sprinkle each of these all over both sides of the meat and rub it in.  Sear your meat on high first and then finish cooking on medium to seal in the juices.  I also like to wrap it in foil right off the grill or out of the pan and let it sit for a few minutes before cutting (it will continue to cook while in the foil so make sure it’s not quite down when you take it off).  Cut against the grain!  Thanks to my sister Michelle and her hubby Marcus for the cooking technique!


Sweet and Spicy Crockpot Chicken

So this recipe was completely random and actually turned out to be pretty good.  My son Cole loved it way more than I did and has eaten it as leftovers for the past 2 nights!!  The measurements are an approximation cause I didn’t really measure 😉  If I make it again, I will probably experiment with the ratios and add less teriyaki sauce and more pepper jelly and maybe some chili sauce.  Oh the possibilities!


2 frozen or thawed chicken breasts

1 C teriyaki sauce

1/4 C pepper jelly

3-4 cloves of garlic

Put everything in the crockpot.  Cook on low for 4-6 hours.  30 minutes prior to serving take out and shred chicken then place back in crock pot.  Makes about 3 cups.  Serve warm over rice or with veggies.  I also put it in a salad cold the next day for a delicious chicken salad!

Serving size 1/2C = 3PP.