133 Burpees on carpet, gives you rug burn!

Yay for Tuesday…Got up bright and early today cause I had to get started on making homemade rolls for Cole’s school Thanksgiving feast.

I made the mistake again of missing my burpees…since last Thursday!  AHHH…133 make-up burpees.  So while the rolls were rising I figured I should get on the burpees so I didn’t have 155 tomorrow.

Pre-burpee workout:  1 TBSP PB and banana 3pts

Took me about 30 min cause they are seriously exhausting and I wanted to give myself enough of a rest so that my form didn’t suffer.  These were my hands after.

I used my mom’s chinese checker board to keep count.  I did them in 10’s, took a break, 10 more, break, etc.

Post-burpee breakfast: 5pts

Cole and I headed over to his school for the feast.  The kids all had a great time and got to try lots of different things.

I forgot to take a pic of the finished rolls and by the time I had the chance to take a pic, they were almost gone!

Snack: snacked on the mac&cheese (I wish I hadn’t tried it…it was soooo good and sooo not good for you!), 1/2 a roll, and those small pieces of ham  6pts

We came home and did some shoveling.  I put Cole to work!

We grabbed a snack of grapes, cheese, and a WW oatmeal cookie 5pts and then took a nap!

Tuesday is Taekwondo day and I went over to Heidi’s for Tuesdays with Heidi…I’ll make a separate post with our recipe of the night and instructions.

Dinner: Chicken lettuce cups  9pts

Dessert: per Cole’s request Wendy’s frosty  4pts

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