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3 Days Later… and a 7-day Challenge

Yay!!! I’m happy to report that I’m feeling better now. Last Saturday’s eating frenzy is in the past, science projects are completed, and now I’m preparing for a fun weekend! I’m sooo looking forward to all of our family getting together!! :) :)  Only 2 more days!!!

Monday was back to the usual Fire Bites: nothing too krazy or exciting!

(protein bar, pizza eggs, fighting my son over the spinach protein smoothie…. he loves it, protein waffle with defrosted fruit, roasted green beans and carrots, butternut squash fries, fruit smoothie, and of course half the fat ice cream!) **circuit training at the track with the group**


Tuesday I must have been super tired because I slept right through my alarm. I was supposed to meet up with our group to do weights at the gym, but completely missed it. I posted about MAKING CHOICES over on the dietSNAPS site. **Then, I headed up to the gym for a 1 Hour Body Pump class.**

Fire Bites included protein waffle with pear, spinach protein smoothie, pizza eggs, turkey chili with spaghetti squash and pico, protein bar, half the fat ice cream, and chocolate oatmeal…


Wednesday is the day I realized my Magic Bullet is dying….

I’m so excited that I finally got a Ninja. I’ve heard good things about it, and I’m excited to get used to this new appliance. I tested it out on my morning fruit smoothie! It turned out perfectly thick and creamy! :)


The rest of the day included a protein waffle with raspberries, protein bar, pizza eggs, spinach protein smoothie, turkey chili with spaghetti squash, and half the fat ice cream… and this cute picture of Kody going on a 2 mile hike tonight with his scout troop.

**I ran for 30 minutes today, followed by a 30 minute walk**


It always feels good to get back on track. Because I have been using the dietSNAPS app for so long, it has helped me to see trends in my food choices. When I look back at my food journals, I can definitely associate different emotions and feelings that I was having based on the food choices I was making. I read a great article today about emotional eating. It’s so interesting to me to see how some people (myself included) turn to food for comfort. If you want to read about 5 tips to overcome emotional eating, check it out HERE.

Also! I am looking for people that might be interested in taking a 7-day dietSNAPS Challenge. I would LOVE to get some feedback from people that use the app. Please comment below or email me privately ( if you are interested. Here is a sneak peak at the rules….

Choose 7 consecutive days where you will consistently use your dietSNAPS app to take a picture of every bite you eat: breakfast, lunch, dinners, desserts and snacks. There are a number of other things you can track using dietSNAPS if you choose (however, these are not required to participate in the challenge) IE, exercise, water consumed, hours of sleep, and your mood. The versatility of the dietSNAPS app is what makes it so unique. You can use it as a tool to track any diet that you may be following.
Are YOU up for the dietSNAPS 7-day Challenge???? (available for iPhone)

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5 thoughts on “3 Days Later… and a 7-day Challenge

  1. Lauren

    I would love to participate in a 7 day challenge. I downloaded the app, but have had a hard time remembering to use it! Keep me updated!

  2. Heather

    I’d be interested in the challenge but I can’t get the diet snaps app for my phone as I have a droid and not an iphone. :(


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