4/7 CWOD

(not in order)
started on rowing machine 3 minutes
intense rowing 1min each 3 more times scattered throughout workout
barbell squats 1 min
machine pull/row 1 min
pull-ups 1min
static lunges 1min each leg
standing on bosu 10lb DB high pull 1 min
kettlebell alternating row heavy (20lb?) 1min
lying down military alternating press 15lb 1min
workout bench crossover 1 min
sit-up with med ball put on legs, sit up, sit up, grab ball, leave behind head, sit up, etc…
push up to T 1 min
elevated push-ups…knees on a step 1min
seated military press 10lb 1 min
(I think that’s it…there was a lot, hope I remembered it all)

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