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  1. Allie

    Ok, seriously! Here is my confession…I am totally embarrassed to get on here and "report" how I'm doing! I just started getting a little more serious about WW about 2 weeks ago. Appearantly I'm not doing it right. I started my weigh in at 151 on July 4th. I guess I lost 1.2 lbs the first week. Then the second week I only lost .4 lbs! So I told myself going into this week that I'd be a lot more strict or conscious about my daily intake. And Lex said to not deprive myself of anything, which is the biggest reason I NEVER wanted to be on WW becasue I would feel so restricted! So, here I am anyway out of desperation that I have to do things the healthy way. Last time I lost a ton of weight (after my first child was 5 years old) I was going through some serious craziness in my life. Stress, obviously. So though it was nice to loose the weight, the circumstances weren't! So I know it's a really big thing that I have to learn to do this right way. I feel so much more like "ME" when I'm NOT over weight. I have more confidence and more control over so much of my everyday life and I do miss that feeling. I hate going ANYWHERE because I'm always staring down other women who look so good…And unfortunately, though I know I'm not ugly I think my self worth is less than when I am overweight. Does that make sense?~ Sorry, maybe this is way TMI!! I also haven't added any exercise in yet. In May I had started the Power 90 program (Not P90X) and did it faithfully for 4 weeks until we went camping on our family vacation. Of course I lost one weeks worth of doing "my video" (I am exercise illiterate and think I have to do THAT EXACT SAME VIDEO for exercise or I have NO IDEA what to do to make my time equivalent!) Make sense? I've learned that I need structure. So I got out of the 4 week sprint and have never gotten back yet. But at least I've started working on the food end of it all. Another friend of my on WW said food is 90% and exercise is 10%. (I'm sure she was exaggerating a bit for me) but at least that's kind of sinking in now. I have absolutly NO confidence in loosing weight the right way like this. But since having started tracking my food for almost 3 weeks now, the very small amount that I have lost is absolutely great. Not that I'm thrilled of course, I'd love to see a more significant result…But just that tiny amount that has come off is definitely encouraging. I like how Carmen said recently that it's not a diet, it's a lifestyle change. I've already learned in this past two weeks that I don't like 1/2 the fat ice cream as much and that I'd rather enjoy the small amount of the real stuff~even though it's more points. To me it just seems more satisfying. Because I am still so new to this, I am really enjoying reading y'alls posts everyday. I was shocked reading your post this morning because I was struggling since my weigh in yesterday over the SAME thing. So seeing you post this is comforting! (and I don't mean as in "ha ha, you only lost that little too…) It's just nice to come on and see I'm not working on this alone.

  2. Lexy

    Ahhhh… now don't you feel a little better getting all that off your chest?? 😉 I was scared to death to post all of my before pictures and actually talk "numbers…" etc. But you know what??? We are all the same and we have all been through this. We all have insecurities and I think it's really helpful to be able to work through things together. I'm sooo happy that you are giving WW another try! And it sounds like you are doing things exactly right! You just have to experiment with what foods you like, learn the portion sizes, and through lots of trial and error figure out what your body will respond to. It took me 6 years to figure out what would work for me. MANY times I would give up and gain weight, or feel like I had done everything right and not see any results on the scale, etc. I think a big key to the whole thing is that you never give up on yourself. Carman was exactly right when she said "Lifestyle!!" I hate the word "diet!" I wish we lived closer so we could work out together… I used to go for walks through the neighborhood and listen to books on my ipod. After a while of that, I started incorporating more running. There are tons of videos that you can do. You might even look into getting a gym membership or YMCA membership so you can take classes?? I like going to classes because they tell you what to do and you don't really have to think about it…. but you know you'll end up with a good work out…. I feel like this response is all over the place… but I'm so glad you posted and keep up the great work!!!! You are doing awesome! :)

  3. Cyndi

    Thanks for the comment Allie…sometimes I forget other people are experiencing or have experienced the same thing I am! I know exactly how you feel about having the confidence. In my head I know I'm doing everything right, but it's hard when you don't see the results of your hard work either on the scale or in your clothes. But I've learned that most likely other people do see a change. My husband wants to smack me in the face constantly because of the lack of credit I give myself. I also have to remember, it took me how long to put this weight on? I want the weight to come off as quickly as possible, but I also want it to stay off. We can do this!!


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