Week 15

Lost 1.2…yipdeedoo Bazel (Austin Powers quote)…wasn’t unhappy, but wasn’t ecstatic  Got another 5lb star for reaching the 10 pound mark.

Sent a text to my girlies for some inspiration on how I can be happy with my results.  First off they told me to get over it and realize that I had lost 1.2 pounds…and now I’m at a total weight loss of 11 pounds.  I was expecting more after my week of multiple workouts and not really going over my daily points hardly at all.  Carman suggested that might have been my problem. I probably wasn’t eating enough to compensate for all the activity.  I had 74 activity points earned last week and 49 remaining, plus 49 weekly points remaining.  It sounds weird that I should be eating more to lose weight, but as I already knew and had to be reminded of by Carman this morning, the more often you eat the faster your metabolism will work.  I think an exact quote from either Carman or Lexy was “you workout hard, you’re body needs the fuel…feed it!” 

So I’m going to experiment like Carman did on eating my activity points and not my weeklies for 3 weeks.  Also I’m going to try eating more often…no longer than 3 hours.  I think that will help me get more points in by eating smaller snack like meals throughout the day instead of going 4 or more hours without eating and having extra points leftover.


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