7/9 CWOD

5 min warm-up on AMT (I’ve been calling this the ARC because I thought it was the same machine as what Lexy uses…but it’s actually called the AMT- adaptive motion trainer)
I love this machine because you feel like you’re getting a total body workout even on the lowest level!!  You have to fully engage your core then entire time.  It has the ability to have a range of motion like a stair stepper straight up and down or like an elliptical.

3 sets:
15 reps  wall ball  10lb
15 reps  T plank crossovers

4 sets:
10 reps walking lunges holding 15, 20, the 25lb kettlebell and while in lunge bringing the kettle bell up and over the front bent knee and back again
15 reps 6lb med ball throw inclince sit-ups
10 reps med ball russian twists

4 sets:
10 reps (per leg) step up on workout bench holding a 10, then 8lb KB straight up in the air
10 reps (per side) standing side cable pull

Ended with 25 more minutes on the AMT.

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