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A new adventure…another one

Yay for Wednesdays cause it’s spin class day!  Today the teacher was different from Monday’s.  Monday’s was a young, fun, go at your pace but challenge yourself, ride to awesome music, teacher.  Today’s was an older, hardcore cyclist, work on your form, old school songs turned into techno, keep up with the class, teacher.  I think I prefer Monday’s, but both were a great workout!  +12

Pre-workout: toast and PB  5pts

Post-workout: Muscle milk  2pts

My dad had knee replacement surgery today so I went down to the hospital to hang out with him.  Everything went well and I mostly just hung out and updated my blog entries.  Dad was a goner on the demerol!  Lucky!  I picked up some lunch for my mom and me at a local place called Rumbi’s.

Lunch: teriyaki chicken bowl w/brown rice and veggies  9pts

Snack later: Balance bar  5pts

My sister picked up Cole from school and brought him down to the hospital to see Papa.  He ate Papa’s chicken noodle soup…soup nazi!  On the way home my sister, Cole and I grabbed dinner at Bombay House, an Indian restaurant.  I had never been there before and so my sister got chicken curry (not creamy curry) and a chicken tikka masala (this was creamy) and we shared.  It came with Naan and the funny thing was Cole loved it!   14pts

So my new adventure is…I’m going to nursing school.  I have 8 prerequisite classes I have to take before I can apply, plus a CNA course.  Last week I signed up for my first class and today I got my first textbook.  Who thought I’d be so happy to start school AGAIN??

My gratitude thought for the day (thanks Carman for the awesome suggestion)…I’m grateful for my Dad and hope I can help him with things he wants to change as much as he has always helped me!

*This is kind of funny/ironic to put on this post cause my Dad is a hospital administrator and my junior year in college I called him and told him I wanted to change my major from Broadcasting to Nursing and he said forget it…you’re almost done.  HOWEVER…I wouldn’t have had all the cool radio and TV experiences if he hadn’t made me stick with getting my Broadcasting degree.






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  1. Allie

    ok. Haven’t been on here for a few days…probably a week or so…but can I just say the more I read from you the more I am so inspired!


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