A PJ Day

I have to say today did not go as I had planned. This first morning back to school we all overslept – and the sad part was that I didn’t even care! :/  I got T & J ready and had to drive them to school cause they were running so behind. My hubby took off work today to help me out around the house and with Devyn since she had almost passed on me. I came home after dropping the girls off with the intention of getting my house in order – but I never got motivated or made it out of my PJ’s. Stayed in them ALL day. Until I had to change to go to a church meeting tonight. And that was the only reason I changed out of them. It was just one of those lay-around-all-day-do-nothing-days – and it was AWESOME.  Hence why I loved the featured image pic of this post.  Oh, I SO enjoyed my wasted time today. No guilt whatsoever.  The housework will be there and can wait {and trip unpacking, cleaning, and putting away the Christmas decorations- the list goes on and on….}.   I’m thinking I might be having couple more PJ days in my near future. icon wink A PJ Day

My lazy Fire Bites today:

 A PJ Day

breakfast – egg whites with chipotle laughing cow cheese and homemade pico – 2 with oatmeal and banana – 4


 A PJ Day

tried another new flavor ZonePerfect bar while iChatting with the FLF gals – Cinnamon Roll- YUMM!! -5


 A PJ Day

got snacky – had several of these but they weren’t satisfying. icon sad A PJ Day about 6pts


 A PJ Day

opted for peanut butter and pretzels – 6


 A PJ Day

Alfredo chicken spaghetti squash  - 5

had a banana and nutella after my church meeting – 4

*Weight Watcher weigh in tomorrow morning. It ain’t looking purty folks – with my ‘visitor’ expected in the next few days and all but what can ya do?!

Regardless – I’ve really missed being at the meetings and I have especially missed our awesome and fun leader – Karen!!!! It will be so nice to see everyone again and get back to the grind of the WW meetings!

Night y’all. icon wink A PJ Day

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