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A Quisty Christmas

So much to recap…a holiday week full of family, food, and fun!  Here’s my recap, I ate a lot  of yummy delicious food and it was yummy and delicious!  The end.

Me, niece Liz, sis-in-law Tanya, brother Bryon, sis Michelle, bro-in-law Marcus, mom, sis Sherilynn, dad

Epiphany for the holiday: One thing that my family and I all came to a consensus on was how much our family has changed in terms of what and how much we eat.  For example, on Christmas Day I made our traditional waffles for breakfast.  I tripled the batch thinking the last time I had only doubled it and it wasn’t enough.  I don’t think we even ate 2 batches.  There were so many leftover waffles it was like a Costco version of homemade waffles.

So after breakfast we usually just have a small snack and then make a big copy dinner of one of our favorite meals from the restaurant Lawry’s.  It usually consists of prime rib, homemade rolls, cream corn, salad, and veggies followed by pies and ice cream for dessert.  By the time 5pm rolled around we were all still so full from breakfast no one was interested in a big dinner.  So I didn’t make rolls which is like unheard of and almost illegal…all we had was prime rib, veggies, and salad.

We also haven’t had as much junk in the house, we had to freeze some cinnamon rolls we bought because no one was eating them.  It’s actually really awesome.

Highlights of the week:  besides are usual movies, card games, and just hanging out, here are some other fun things we did.

Christmas Eve Bunco…we went to my sisters’ house and played Bunco for Christmas Eve.  After the game the kids got to open their Christmas jammies.

This is my sister Michelle’s youngest Will…he’s the freakin’ cutest dang kid in the world.

Christmas morning: We almost had to wake the kids up so that we would have time to open presents before church.  We got Daddy on Skype so he could be with us for the morning.  It was awesome.  I love technology…always and forever!

Cole had to wear his new Christmas tie to church!

Swimming and Shakes:  We took the kids to the pool where Papa goes for his rehab and Cole goes for his swimming lessons.  Usually the only people at the pool are us and maybe one other family, as you can see in the background the Christmas vacation along with the lack of snow on the mountains meant a very busy pool.  After swimming we went to a favorite place for burgers and shakes.  I worked really hard at my spin class in the morning so that I could enjoy my mint chocolate chip oreo shake…and I DID!

Cafe Rio and the Museum:  New Year’s Eve is my sister and nieces’ birthday, but they will be in Idaho with family so today we went to Cafe Rio for lunch and celebrated.  Then he headed over to the museum.  The kids had the most fun playing with the green screen exhibit.  Anything they covered with green turned invisible on the tv screen.

I think the adults were more pooped than the kids! (in case you can’t tell that’s my sister in a stroller)

Tonight we’re watching the Mission Impossible trilogy in preparation to see the new one tomorrow.  Oh the joy of Christmas vacation!

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2 thoughts on “A Quisty Christmas

  1. Lexy

    I’m beginning to think the holidays are never going to end! Hahaha! I’m having a great time, but kind of ready for normal routine?!? I love seeing pics of all of your family! :)

  2. Carman

    Cute family pic!!! So cool how you can tell you don’t eat as much now. I love it when you can eat a little bit of the things you enjoy and thats all you need. 😉 Miss y’all!


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