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another ‘WW’ week

I’m trying to get back in the habit of thinking of my weeks from Thursday – Wednesday like I did before hitting goal because that’s when my weekly points start over. After each weigh in, I found it was a good way to go back and look at my week to see how good {or bad} I did that week and figure out what I could change or what I was missing.

When I was in ‘weight loss’ mode before, I would eat my daily 29 points and also whatever Activity Points I earned first during the week. I would try not to touch my 49 weekly points allowance but was happy to know that they were there if I ‘needed’ them. For me, this is how I saw the best results and it was a happy medium for me. I’m finding that its hard to just ‘jump back into weight loss mode’…..maybe its because the holidays are here….and life is crazy…I don’t know….but I’m trying to change one little thing each week to get back to what I was doing before maintenance.  Some days I fail at it miserably….some days its easy to pick it up again.  So I’m just taking it one day at a time.

Since its Wednesday….the end of my WW week….and I’m behind-as usual…..here are my Fire Bites from Thursday to today:


*my high schooler had a Late Arrival at school so I got to squeeze in an early 5 mile run with Lexy and Erin!!! It was awesome and felt awesome to be able to get an early run in during the week!!  +10

this one loves green smoothies!  -2

WW meeting and ‘unofficial’ weigh in –  5

running errands – 2

late lunch – flat out bread pizza with 2tsp EVOO – 9

snack – more chocolate – 6

dinner – beef enchiladas – 4

refreshments at a meeting – they had crepes and muffins and all kinds of stuff. I decided on just a brownie & fruit – 6


FRIDAY 11/11/11

Happy Veteran’s Day!!!!

at the request of my oldest – I had to make her Daddy cinnamon rolls for breakfast this morning for a Veteran’s Day treat. Here he is-  my HERO! I am so grateful for brave men and women-  like my husband – who have served and continue to serve this great nation we live in!

and yes – I had a cinnamon roll.  might have even been two….?!?!

WW oatmeal cookies – honestly lost count :(

lunch – flat out bread pizza with 2tsp EVOO- 9

more cookies.

Had to work in the concession stand at school for a JV Basketball tournament that was going on. I don’t usually care for hot dogs, or haven’t had nachos in I can’t tell you how long……..but after 2 hours of working in there amongst hot dogs, frito pie, nachos with chili and cheese and jalepenos and it being you-know-what-week……I was CRAVING it by the time I left and I texted Courtney and told him to get the hot dogs and Zummo’s outta the freezer!! haha

*I realized that no matter how strong you are or you get – that we are always gonna have foods that trigger us from a memory or create a craving. Sometimes we can fight them off and sometimes we have to give in to them.  Tonight I gave in.

dinner – Zummo sausage on slice of bread with chili, cheese and onions. YUM-O. until I got done. Then I felt sick. 😛  I should have just eaten the Zummo with the bread and nixed the chili. I won’t be wanting another one of these chili dawgs for another long while.  -10?



*5 mile run with the group +10

post run – green protein smoothie – 2

made some oatmeal with bananas as I was running out the door to D’s BB game cause I knew I needed something that would last longer than that smoothie knowing I was gonna be in and out all day. -4

Dev played awesome in her BB tourney!!!!  They won their first game and lost the 2nd game by 1 point!


lunch in between games – had canned breadsticks {from a coupon} and saw this idea on the back of the mini pepperoni bag. It was really good especially dipped in my 2tsp EVOO for my daily oils.  Just wasn’t a satisfying enough meal to stay with me as long as I would have like it too. I should have eaten a salad with it and that would have solved the problem. -7


snack -cored and then sliced a HUGE apple and put cinnamon in between each layer -0

snack – 2

*got to take a MUCH needed nap!

dinner – Courtney wanted deer meat for dinner so we had venison backstrap, rice & gravy and cornbread. What I like to call good ole’ southern comfort food. snacked on meat as it came out from cooking and then had a small portion for dinner when we sat down to eat together.

my husband also had a ‘hankerin’ for chocolate cake – so I made a cake but we waited and had a slice when we got back from a church conference meeting with some ice cold milk.


SUNDAY 11/13

breakfast before church – oatmeal with bananas -4

right after church – another slice of chocolate cake :/

lunch – Jay made waffles (my little cooker!) – so had 1/2 waffle and turkey link sausage

*tried to take a nap before the evening meetings we had to attend

attended a Farewell Open House for some friends of ours that are moving- got to visit with some of the awesome Sisters from church

half a slice of poundcake and a couple bits of this chex mis

2 bites of chips and dip


these were awesome and come to find out you can find them at Sam’s Club!! Tasted like a chicken brushetta.

then we had another meeting to go to this time for Dev. had 1 mini cupcake, fruit and veggies and some punch. I was seriously craving veggies at this point in the day!!

need to get to the store!!!  had 1/2 bagel thin with pb just to have something substantial  in my belly.

Not a very well planned out day. That was my first problem. Should’ve had dinner in the crockpot and would have avoided all this snacking! But given the situation – I don’t’ feel like I went crazy with the portions either. Tried to just take a couple bites of the things I wanted too and then move on.


MONDAY 11/14

*Boot Camp kicked my boo-tay today!!!  +10

{welcome to shark week. }

post workout – protein smoothie – 2


lunch – protein pancake with bananas and I finally found my FAV cinnamon cool whip again!!! -6

snack – 5

dinner – found this recipe idea on Pinterest and have wanted to try it for a while. I finally had avocados. With my hubby gone for the week, grill cheeses is one of the things on the menu the kids and I have while he’s gone. This is what I like to call a gourmet grill cheese with colby jack, turkey, avocado and pesto. YUM!  It was pretty ‘rich’ tasting with the avocado. -12

chocolate – 4



pre-workout while taking Bubba to school – 2

30 minutes on the elliptical

30 minutes walking inclines/5 min cool down

lunch – protein pancake with cinnamon cool whip – 5

snack – 4

snack on the way to a baptism – 4

small piece of cake and punch at baptism – 8??

dinner  – 5

*major throbbing headache going to bed :(



Today was my one-day-a-month-pajama-day.

breakfast – 2 tylenol and an excendrin to get the day started. woke up with the headache still. not a good sign. :(

brunch – oatmeal with banana and cinnamon- 4

watched my friend that’s moving 3 sweet little kiddos today so she could go to her husbands farewell work lunch. the kids  all played sooo good together while I got a lot of my kitchen chores done that I’ve been putting off lately; cleaning out the fridge and freezer – wiping it down, getting the dishes caught up, prepared a meal to deliver to a sweet family tonight,  huge pile of mail to be filed & sales papers, made a meal list/menu, got laundry started, made out a to-do list for the next several days to TRY and organize myself………got lots of ‘little’ things done…….

with that said – I realized later this afternoon  when I looked at my dietSNAPS app to see when the last time I ate was……I realized that I had been snacking on WW oatmeal cookie dough alllllll day. a bite here. a bite there. I intentions  to bake them and never got around to it. I never had a real appetite today at all.  Usually mid afternoon my stomach and brain would be telling me  I needed some real food – so kind of a weird day and probably has everything to do with this headache and ‘shark week’- the reasons today was a pajama day.

dinner – beef veggie soup and a crescent roll – 8

*workout of today is catching up on my Burpees. I need to figure out a better system of when to do them because last time I did them was day 9 and we are on day 16!!!!!!!  So far I’ve done 9, 10 and am going to do 11 before I head to bed. Will finish catching up on days 12-17 tomorrow morning.

Weigh in day tomorrow. Its not gonna be pretty.  Between PMS last week, ‘shark week’ this week, and all the crazy food and lack of water I’ve been drinking I don’t expect anything……..I’m just gonna own it, forgive myself,  and start over fresh tomorrow.

But thankfully tomorrow is a NEW DAY and a NEW WEEK!

Things I KNOW I need to work on this week is to PLAN meals…..especially dinner. I plan on referring back to my list of trusted foods to throw some variety and stability back in my life-  ESPECIALLY this week of Thanksgiving we have ahead.

I’m looking forward to getting motivation from Karen tomorrow at WW’s.  😉







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