Lead by Example

Are you a leader or a follower?

The title of my post is meant to inspire ME!  I like Lexy, need an INTERVENTION!  Last week I had a thought about how many times in my life I’ve been a leader and how many times I’ve been a follower.  In the eating world, I have always been at my heaviest when I’ve been a follower.  By follower I mean, someone suggests going out to eat and even though I brought a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and just ate it, I still go out to eat lunch 30 minutes later.  Or just being easily swayed into indulging.  By being a leader I mean two different things.  You can be a leader for good, like when I’ve done my detox diets or stayed strong to my WW points with skinny results and have inspired others to do the same.  OR the opposite when I want to eat my feelings and encourage others to fall off the healthy path with me cause cookies are sooooo good.  I think leaders can also be enablers both for good and bad. Encouraging someone to stick with the healthy habits or helping them feel better about not wanting to.  Ultimately we need to decided are we leaders? or followers?

The reason I’ve been thinking about this is because my dad has finally decided to join WW!  I’m so excited for him.  (and jealous cause he gets like 58 points/day)  I hear myself telling him, Dad this isn’t a quick fix lose it fast diet.  This is a lifestyle change and a process that if done right will be slow and steady.  I want to be an example for him.  I feel like we are doing this together and even though I’m not on the losing path right now, I want stay strong for him.  So I will try to be more of a leader (the good kind).  Of course I understand I am human and will have my days, but for my dad this isn’t just losing some weight this could literally help prolong his life.

Ok on to fire bites…

MONDAY:  I had class today from 8a-4p, picked up Cole, came home, went to a hospital volunteer orientation, came home, got Cole in bed, had dinner, went to bed myself!

Breakfast:  Nature’s Path Flax Plus Cereal 1 1/2 cups (I never count milk, cause I always drain it out of each bite, I’m weird I know!) 6pts

Snack: Yoplait yogurt 3pts (ran out of Chobani)

1st Lunch: PB&J sandwich on wheat bread 8pts

2nd Lunch: Kneader’s turkey and avocado panini (ate half, 8 chips, and the pickle) 11pts

Snack: apple

Came home to a really fun surprise from my hubby.  Flowers from my favorite florist ROOTS. (PS lavender roses are my favorite)

Snack: Lavash and hummus 8pts

Not sure if I was just feeling happy after the flowers or because Cole and I started watching Harry Potter, but all of a sudden felt like I should eat candy.  8pts later I cursed this bag of Cole’s TOT candy and told him to go hide it from me.  I found it on the counter in the kitchen!

Dinner: Turkey Lettuce Cups (will post recipe soon) 1/2C of turkey mix 4pts

TUESDAY:  Got a great workout in today!!  On Saturday I had to make up ALL my burpees from Courtney’s 100 day Burpee Challenge, so that was 66.  I decided I would space them out while running on the treadmill so I ran for 2 min, jumped off did 10 burpees, ran for 2 min, 10 more burpees, etc for 30 min.  I was dead after only 30 minutes of this because it was non-stop workout.  So Tuesday I made up for sat-tues and did 54 burpees with 3 min running intervals this time.  I really need to stop missing my burpees, but it does make for a really good workout!

Breakfast: Protein Pancake and Green Smoothie  5pts

Cole and I went to the Rec center and he found some friends to play with while I worked on my flash cards.  We came home and made lunch.

Lunch: Turkey and reduced-fat cheese sandwich grilled (no butter) w/carrots and light ranch  6pts

Snack: Chobani w/2 cashew clusters  6pts (found out Black Cherry flavor Chobani is 4pts, while most others are 3, lame!)

Went to the Dr. for my 20 week check-up.  Baby’s heart is strong and all is well.  Not too excited about the weight I’m putting on, but not surprised.  Will be working hard to gain the absolute minimum over the course of the next 20 weeks!

Snack: Trader Joe’s pretzels and a Coke Zero  3pts

Dinner: 1 cup Turkey Lettuce Cups  8pts

Snack: apple w/peanut butter

Finally had a great day, low points, good workout, no candy, felt great today!!  And if you look back I actually ate a lot of food for being the lowest point day in awhile!

WEDNESDAY: class again 8a-4p…running late so I had to grab breakfast and lunch out.  Tried to do my best.

Breakfast: honey whole wheat bagel w/RF CC 8pts

Snacks: grapes

Lunch: Cafe Rio steak salad (rice, tortilla, steak, lettuce, salsa, dressing…ate half)  12 pts

Snack: orange

Dinner: Left over smorgasbord…pork, veggies, half of my leftover half Cafe Rio (Cole ate the other half) 11pts??


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