Loved the Bus!!

Back to School Time!

It is back to school time for our kiddos and I have never been more ready to get back on a schedule so I can get back on TRACK!!  For us it is so hard to be on a schedule during the summer and I need to create a summer schedule next year so it doesn’t get so insane and it can be more enjoyable.

Our Back to School morning –

We have a 10th grader, 4th graders and our little man is in Pre-K. :)

Here is a little video for ya – I haven’t done a video in a longggg time and have had a serious OCD/paranoia about doing one…..I had a thought to just do it while waiting for Gabe to get home from school off the bus. So lucky for y’all I got out of my comfort zone and just did it!! What cha see is what ya get! ha!  :)

After School –

Loved his first ever bus ride!!!


Didn’t waste any time chillaxin!!!!


The girls created a school journal with their 6 month old baby picture……..


WHERE has the TIME gone??!!!!!


I’m excited to get back to my normal habits and routines that made me happier and my life flow so much easier. Some examples are: 

  • Getting in my early morning workouts by 5:30am
  • Eating every 3 hours consistently
  • Focusing on my meals and snacks and centering them around my 2 awesome Vi-shakes that I LOVE!
  • Get back to cooking and eating dinner every night at the table as a family
  • Doing my FlyLady routines so my house will stay under control and be more peaceful and relaxing
  • Focus on getting in my water – I am still horrible at this!!!
  • Make better use of my evenings and quality family time
  • Attending my weekly WW meetings again for the accountable weigh ins, the meeting reminders of the healthy habits I created last year that helped me maintain weight loss for over a year, and to continue to get ideas.
  • Posting everyday here on FireLitesFire to get me back to being accountable
  • Faithfully using my dietSNAPS app to track everything I eat and drink

*One main thing I learned looking back over this summer is that I need to go back to the habits that I created because  of how successful they were for me. I have to remind myself NOT to try to reinvent the wheel. I just need to keep it simple and go back to the basics of what I did before……because obviously it worked!!! :)  I love that I can go back to those familiar habits and then just keep building new healthy habits on top of those. That’s how we become our BEST selves. :)

My newest habit and goal

  • Learn how to balance working full from home sharing the 90 Day Challenge that I love with others so they can change their life and get healthier, along with maintaining all my duties as a mom and wife!  :)


My FireBites Today:

Workout: strength training session in my garage – Chest & Tri’s
Post workout breakfast taking kids to school :  Green Vi-Shake – 4pts+
Mid morning snack while working:  Vi Nutra Cookie – 5pts+
Lunch:  Tortilla turkey pepperoni pizza w/1tsp EVOO – 6pts+ 
Mid Afternoon snack:  Orange Banana Vi-Shake – 4pts+
Dinner:  chili with spaghetti squash and cilantro – 6pts+ 
*not pictured – bbq chips, a peanut butter Vi- cookie, and snickerdoodle cookies my daughter made for family night  :( (I’ve been totally stress eating lately but I’m owning it so each day I will get better)  :) 


How was your first day back to school??? 

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