Impacted Bowl Syndrome

Back to school…

I’m going to make this a quick post to recap my week.  I spent the week in a CNA (certified nursing assistant) training every day M-F from 8am-6pm.  The training was 30 minutes away from my house so really it was 7:15am-6:45pm.  So pretty much all day everyday.  My breakfasts, morning snacks, and afternoon snacks were mostly the same.  I tried to do the best I could.  Monday was by far my best day.  I was able to workout 2 nights during the week and then on Saturday.  I was so exhausted every night, I ended up going to bed at like 9 every night.  I found myself getting very bored sitting for 10 hours every day and boredom for me leads to snacking.  Another issue was that I would eat breakfast at 7:30am and then wouldn’t have lunch until 12:45 almost 1pm and then I would be so hungry that I would eat a huge lunch.  I ate out every day for lunch and tried to find low point options (Chipotle, Pei Wei, etc), but a couple days I found out after the fact that my lunch ended up being insanely high in points.  All in all it was a rough week and I want to do much better this week.  I have another busy week, 2 days of class 8a-4p, and 2 days of clinicals 6a-3p.  I’m just going to do my best.  I will be packing my lunches so hopefully that will help and the days won’t be as long so I’ll have more time to workout.

Breakfasts: Nature’s Path frozen waffle w/pb and banana

Morning Snacks:  Chobani w/cashew clusters

Lunches: varied (Chipotle burrito bowl, Pei Wei chicken teriyaki bowl- forgot to ask for my chicken “stock velveted” meaning they don’t batter it and fry it , veggie burger-did not eat one of those fries!)


Afternoon snack: usually had an apple every afternoon for snack

Dinners: varied…(protein pancake and green smoothie Monday night after 40 minute intervals on the treadmill…the best dinner of the week! 2 nights of Cafe Rio, not a good idea!)

Friday night’s dinner…chicken gyro w/greek salad (did not eat the rice)

Saturday night, sick of all the eating out I made pizza’s out of the Flatout bread…super yummy!

Main problem of the week…CANDY!!

Finally on Thursday I brought the rest of the Halloween candy we had in the house to class…took a pic to prove it (you can just barely see candy on other people’s desks), it was a Target bag about 3/4 full…it was gone before lunch!  My evil plan worked!

I mean what else are you going to do while sitting and watching a Power Point presentation on impacted bowl syndrome!

mmmm yummy! 😉

Best part of the week…for Cole…was getting a present from Daddy!

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One thought on “Back to school…

  1. Lisa

    I need to ask; this is a CE course for you or a career move for your future?
    Looks incredibly interesting!
    Email me; let me know…
    PS-great posting.


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