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I was reading through the latest WW Magazine and there was an article on “cleanse” diets.  I found it really interesting… it said that in the time it takes to follow a cleanse, you can actually get started on a long-term weight loss plan.  It talked about finding three days when you don’t have any major social commitments going on and use those days to make your strategy.
They recommend using those days to create a realistic, simple, nutritious, and filling food plan.  Incorporate your meals and snacks into this plan.  Then, decide on a fitness plan.  They suggest going to your gym and getting the class schedule, or pick a walking/running schedule that will challenge you but also be realistic.  And finally, RELAX.  Take the pressure off.  Creating a calming atmosphere will motivate you to take care of yourself.
They say that after a few days you’ll be inspired to keep leading healthy lifestyle– and not be desperate to end it!
I find this article to be so true!  Many times, I have given in to quick fixes… but they are just so hard for me to follow.  I can usually last a month or so, but I just find the whole experience to be exhausting!  And when I get to the end of said “competition” or end of “diet”…. I just want to go back to normal eating!!
That is what I have really come to love about following WW…  I am able to incorporate things that I like to eat… even dumb things like my son’s favorite cereal… I just have to watch my portion sizes and eat in moderation.
It really is liberating.  I feel happier….  Even though I keep track of the food that I eat, I feel like I don’t have to *think* about food so much…  It hasn’t really been that hard.  I was just noticing today that I started WW again pretty much the last week of February and attended my first meeting the first week of March.  So, 6 or 7 weeks have flown by.  I don’t feel like I’m on a diet at all!
The weight has been slowly coming off… a pound or two at a time.  This feels like it will be a more lasting change.  I enjoyed the article.

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