Be Nice to YOURSELF – for a Change!

I loved our WW meeting this week because I can SOOO relate!!!! I think we all can. We talked about being nice….to yourself for a change. We are always nice to others when they are having a hard time, down on themselves, or unmotivated. Think about the things you say to your friends when they are having a rough time…….why do we not say those same things to ourselves when we are having a hard time or frustrated??? Interesting isn’t it…..when you really think about it.

Why are we so hard on ourselves when we go off-program??  We know that no one is perfect – and that includes ourselves!! We are our own worst enemy! We know ups and downs are to be expected and that change takes time – but yet we still beat ourselves up. Knowing that, we have to identify those times when we are unkind to ourselves and figure out what is holding us back from showing compassion to ourselves. Its so important that we are nice to ourselves – because we can’t get away from ourselves!!! Wherever you go – there you are! :)

We have to learn how to treat ourselves more kindly and be more positive and uplifting. We need to create positive mantra’s to replace the negative trash talk – we’ve gotta stop the trash talking’.  You can use reframing to redirect negative thoughts or behavior and figure out better solutions to help you move forward to achieve your goals. Keep a good attitude!!! We need to put ourselves at the top of our lists!!  Reflect on the changes we have made and focus on those and how we good we feel now verses before. Set new mini goals. Do nice things for yourself. Have the snacks and foods on hand that you can eat.  Attend WW for yourself – for motivation and ideas. Look forward and not behind us anymore – let the past go cause it doesn’t matter anymore!

The number one thing that we DO know is that emotional eating doesn’t solve ANYTHING!  One thing we need to remember is –  “If it’s not hunger – then food wont fix it.” We have to remember that food is not comfort, our friend, or our healer – food is just to FUEL our body!!!

To deal with our emotions in other more positive ways we could-  go take a nap, talk to a friend, exercise, go on a walk, deal with the actual problem that’s causing the emotions,  don’t take on or consume yourself with everyone else’s problems,  go read a book, listen or dance to music,……just to name a few.

What are non-food ways you deal with your emotions?? 

I love this motivational quote:

What Food Can Do-

Food can fill our stomachs.

It cannot fill our souls. 

Food can nourish our bodies.

It cannot nourish our hearts and minds.

Food can make our taste buds happy. 

It cannot make us happy. 

Food can give momentary pleasure. 

It cannot give lasting pleasure. 

Food can distract us from our pain.

It cannot take away our pain. 

 -Author Unknown


What things do you do to be nice and kind to yourself??? 


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One thought on “Be Nice to YOURSELF – for a Change!

  1. Shannon Z.

    Hey Carman,

    These are all great reminders and suggestions! We are so hard on ourselves and sometimes it takes someone else to remind us to be nice to us. :)

    Thanks! Have a great weekend!


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