Berry Spinach Salad

Berry Spinach Salad

1 bag of baby spinach
1/2C berries (I usually make this with strawberries, but didn’t have any so I branched out and used black and blue berries)
1 chopped green onion
1 TBS reduced-fat feta cheese
1/8-1/4C chopped pecans
1-2TBS Briana’s strawberry salad dressing
*you can also add in chicken or steak to make it a meal…mmmm!!

Note: I really love Briana’s salad dressings because they are all-natural and not made with crap! 😉  I also like making my own dressings, but usually when I have more people to cook for.

Add all ingredients together, toss, and serve.

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3 thoughts on “Berry Spinach Salad

  1. Cyndi

    The recipe is 6…but that's for the whole thing including the 2tbs of the dressing (which I usually don't use that much)…so I usually count 1-2 points depending on my serving size and whether or not I eat all the nuts.


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