Blue Bell 10K Race Recap

This weekend was a lot of fun and yesterday was pretty busy… before I forget all of the details, I wanted to report back on the 10K race recap. The morning was pretty routine in terms of getting ready for the fun run… I set out all of my running clothes, shoes, race bib, ear buds, garmin watch, etc before going to bed… that always makes the morning better. I still get pre-race jitters and it’s nice to have everything ready to go beforehand so I don’t forget something. We headed down to the hotel lobby to grab a banana…. Carman had peanut butter so that worked out perfect!

After parking and finding a bathroom…. Tammy and I headed up to the start line for the 10K… it was pretty windy and seemed like it was going to rain, but it never did… thank goodness!

It has been quite a while since I have run in the hills…. (although I was able to get in 2 training runs last week in Kansas City)! I wasn’t sure how my body would respond during the race. I was going into the race with the attitude to do my best and enjoy the experience. I was pleasantly surprised by how I felt. Somewhere around the half way point, I ran into one of my good friend’s mom! It was really fun to see her and be able to chat for a few minutes. As time went on, I felt strong and started to push myself. One of the race volunteers had warned us about the final hill… he told us it was a “slight rise”…… (insert Mount Everest!!!) Haha!! It was definitely a big incline and it came at the end of the race… so that added to the difficulty! As I was half way up the hill, I saw Kat! I used to run with her last year when I lived in Pearland…. so I focused on her and finally caught up. I maintained her pace and she really pushed me to the end! It was an awesome feeling to sprint as hard as we could across the finish line!

Me and Kat

After catching my breath, I checked out my garmin and realized I had maintained an 8:45/mile pace! I was very happy with those results!

The official results from the website show a 9:05/mile pace…. either way, I was very pleased with this run!

It was so fun seeing everyone else finish their race and feel that sense of accomplishment! I am so proud of my mom for running during her 5K!


This is David…. the volunteer that warned us about the “slight rise!!!” Hahaha!!! We had to seek him out and tease him a little!

Tammy, mom, Carman, Sussan, me, Charman, and Jackie :)

All you can eat ice cream at the finish!!! Don’t you LOVE our wild~wind~blown~humidified~Texas~HAIR???


Sussan’s kids participated in the 1K! So cute….

The Weight Watcher’s Girls!!

Here are the only Blue Bonnets that I saw…. this picture reminds me of something I would have done with my best friend in seventh grade!! Hahaha!

We went to Casa Ole for lunch…

They had a new item on the menu that hit the spot!

Protein bar on the drive home…

By the time I got home, I was getting a bad headache…. I probably should have eaten a real meal… but I went with snacking instead… had a serving of my favorite cereal…

Ty had his first youth dance at the church tonight…

We were attending as chaperones. Sydney (The Daybook) was giving me fashion tips… I stepped out with hot pink lips and a new outfit….


A slice of pizza…

I couldn’t resist!!

And a brownie…. and a cookie (or 2!)   😉

All in all…. super fun day! Headache included…

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4 thoughts on “Blue Bell 10K Race Recap

  1. ErinK.

    Awesome job on your run. Super awesome that your mom ran too! I could totally train for a race that gave me ice cream at the finish line! lol

    1. Lexy

      Thanks Erin! :) It was super fun and now I’m wishing I would have eaten more ice cream!! Next year I should totally bring a cooler and stock up!! :)


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