Camp Out, Dance Recital, Friends, & Food

I have had a super fun weekend!! It was pretty jam packed so I’m trying to remember everything as I unwind this evening…  :)


I went up to the gym in the morning to knock out 60 minutes on the elliptical… I had plans to chaperone for a camp out that night, so I was busy packing and preparing for my assignments for that event.

Fire Bites for the day included a protein waffle w/ strawberries, fruit smoothie, protein bar, zucchini boats, salsa verde chicken with broccoli/cheese, an apple, hot dog with mustard and relish at the camp out, grapes and a tortilla s’more… to die for! (I’m gonna make a healthier version to share with you!)

We stayed up pretty late singing camp songs and being silly with the girls. It brought back lots of fun memories from my girls camping days of the past…


We woke up bright and early to prepare for a hike… I brought a protein bar and paired it with a banana. On the hike, I munched on freeze dried fruit and water.


As we were getting started there was a huge sign to warn us of VENOMOUS snakes in the area… They just love teasing me…


I had to leave a little early from the camping experience to attend my niece’s dance recital! I grabbed a ChickfilA salad on the way.

I found a local 24 Hour Fitness and did 40 minutes on the elliptical and then got ready for the recital in the locker room. There’s nothing like feeling homeless for the afternoon! Ha! I forgot to pack my hair dryer, so I used the ones in the bathroom normally designed to dry your hands…  😉

My niece was so sooo sooo cute in her performance!!! I loved seeing her all dolled up! We all went out to eat and I enjoyed grilled chicken with spaghetti squash.

After that… I met up with my husband and some other friends and stayed up til 1am talking. When we got home… I went straight for a bag of chips and had too many handfuls…



We had an early session of church this morning, so I just ate a protein bar on the way. Today I am experiencing full blown PMS… sorry TMI!!! I ate a lot of food….  Our friend Sussan had us over for lunch. :) Lots of chips and salsa, homemade gluten free cookies from my mom, homemade rolls from Carman, roasted veggies and grilled chicken, white cake with icing, and graham crackers! Will the snacking ever end??? I have one more thing up my sleeve tonight…. look for that soon!


The most exciting news of the day is that my dad fixed my CHI iron!!! My hair straightener has had a short in it for months… It keeps shutting off depending on the way I hold it… my Dad fixed it tonight while they were over visiting! Yay! :) Thank you!!!!


And the SAD news of the day is that my friend Katie from our running group/church is moving! :( They had an open house for her today… but I know I will be seeing more of her this week so it wasn’t officially good-bye yet!


Did YOU have a jam packed weekend? Or were you able to rest and relax? I’m seriously considering staying in pajamas all day tomorrow… wonder if I could really get away with that??? It sure has been a busy few weeks around here!!!

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