Me and the boys

Can I just sleep for the next 6 weeks?

I’ve been soooo tired lately.  By the end of the day I don’t want to do anything but lay on the couch and watch TV or go to bed.  So sorry I’ve been a slacker!


Breakfast: protein pancake and fruit

Mom took Cole to the rec center to play and I was able to catch up on my blogging and do some yoga.  30 minutes of the Rodney Yee Power Yoga for Flexibility.  This is my favorite yoga DVD, click here to check it out.  Unlike the prenatal yoga DVD, I actually DO feel rejuvenated after doing this DVD.  I met up with mom and Cole at Kneader’s for lunch.

Lunch:  turkey and avocado panini (wheat bread, turkey, provolone cheese, avocado, spinach, tomato, onion)  This was the most delicious sandwich ever!!  I ate half along with a few chips and a couple bites of a delicious double fudge brownie.

Took Cole to swimming and then to Taekwondo.

Snack: apple

Dinner was Tuesday’s with Heidi: chicken gyros, click here for the recipe.


Pre-workout: the usual

Hardcore spin teacher more than made up for my crappy Monday class.

Post-workout: protein pancake and green greek smoothie

Did some cleaning and worked with my CPA (my dad) on our taxes.  Then headed to the hospital for my volunteer shift.

Lunch: leftover Kneader’s sandwich

I picked Cole up from school and we headed down to my sister’s house for a cousin sleepover.  He was so excited!   I hung out at my sister’s until Keller’s flight got in.  She made a really yummy pasta with squash, zucchini, spinach and artichoke dip, and feta cheese.

I got to the airport just as Keller landed (PS I don’t think I mentioned that he went to Austin for a quick job that came up last minute).  It worked out great cause he was able to go to our storage unit and get some baby stuff that I didn’t think to bring when we first moved out here.  Essentials like the car seat and bottles.  So he had to check the car seat which was perfectly fine when he left Austin and snapped in half by the time it got to Salt Lake.  An hour later we had no car seat and a $100 voucher for Southwest airlines.  I guess you sign a waiver when you check something like a carseat that says they are not responsible for any damages so technically they don’t have to do anything which I think is total crap but whatever.  Luckily the lady helping Keller was nice enough to offer the voucher which was more than the money they would have given us for the 5 year old carseat.  SO I guess I should be grateful.


We got to sleep in cause the man child was at his sleepover.

Pre-workout: 1 tsp PB and 1/2 banana

Buns and Guns class.

Post-workout: protein pancake and a green greek smoothie

We came home and got ready to go pick up the boys.  Took all 3 of them (Cole, J, and Will) out to lunch to Corner Bakery.  It was hilarious cause all 3 of them wanted soup, chips, and pickles…random much?

Lunch: 1/2 veggie panini, a few chips, and bites of a cinnamon roll we all shared

Our plan was to take the boys sledding but the snow has been so sparse we had trouble finding a hill that had a good amount of snow.  We finally did find one but the bottom of the hill was pretty close to a road, so Uncle Keller had to stand at the bottom and keep them from sledding onto it.

The boys were so tired after sledding we decided to skip taekwondo.  We headed home and had dinner.

Dinner: Michelle’s recipe Costco meatballs with Trader Joe’s spaghetti sauce, salad, and some garlic toast

Headed to Idaho tomorrow for the weekend to see our (FLF girls) sister-in-law Shea(Keller’s sister).  I’ll do my best to try and post while I’m there, but no promises. 😉


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