Tip- Fresh New Start!!!

Today is a New Day. A Fresh Start.

I am getting my power back by throwing the *crap* away in my house and managing my environment. These are trigger foods for me right now and I have to have them gone.

{Kinda sad that I have to *waste* it but at the same time I’m happy that I don’t have to burn those crappy calories off!!}



As my good friend and hair stylist Kim would say…..”We have a shoe farm!” 😉

I’ve heard somewhere that when your life/house is not organized that the rest of your life won’t be organized….ie-eating healthy, etc…..or maybe its vice versa. I can’t rememer how it goes exactly but you get the idea. I CAN say that it is true because this picture  will give you an idea as to what the rest of my house looks like!!!!  Random crap everywhere.

Anyone who knows me knows I am only *a little* OCD 😉  when it comes to being organized and having everything in its place. Its one of my biggest pet peeves but sometimes I have my days of ‘whatever’.  And lately it seems like I’ve had several.

As part of my fresh new start today…..I am getting my house in order along with my kitchen/pantry to get back on plan. It really all goes together but we have to remember that we HAVE to take babysteps.  A couple of years ago I came across FlyLady. I love her method, system, and mentality to keeping our houses in order instead of CHAOS (Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome). 😉 Some people like me are what she calls BO’s or Born Organizers……but BO’s have a fault and that is that we let perfectionism get in the way of getting things accomplished.  That is me to a T.  Her method that I plan on using more in my life is setting a timer to get tasks done so that I don’t get sidetracked {which happens to me all the time!}. It’s also motivating by breaking things down into small tasks. It’s amazing how, when you are feeling overwhelmed, and you set your timer for just 10 minutes to clean a room at how fast you can actually clean it and how accomplished you feel! That’s where it snowballs and progress is made day by day.

I am learning that consistency is KEY to every aspect of our life.  It is what helped me reach my WW goal weight. I know it will help in the rest of the areas of my life if I can just focus on taking small babysteps and being consistent. 😉

How are you managing your environment??? 

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