Daily BItes: Thur 8/11-Wed 8/17

*Warning–long post!
Recaping the whole week in one post.
What a crazy week!!!
All I can say is that I am SOOOOOO ready for school to START!

Total Daily: 35pts
Activity earned: 15pts
pre workout
1 hour circuit training
killer workout on the triceps!!
kicked my boo-tay!!!
decided to do a 3 mile run when I got home to loosen up my muscles
it got HOT fast!
I love this ISO 100 protein after a hard workout!
cute cousins!
my nephew Cole came to stay with us for a few days!!
*didn’t make it to my WW mtg today cause of a schedule conflict with my girls.
was really bummed. :(
the rest of little man’s Little Caesars pizza
had some of his ‘potty’ treat
ZoneBar snack while the kids played
homemade tacos after a long church meeting
strawberries with Nutella
YUM!! my new fav dessert!

Total Daily: 39pts
Activity earned: 7pts

*Kickboxing class*

Protein does a body good! 😉
had all 3 of my nephews staying the night…Ty, Kody, & Cole so I made homemade kolaches with biscuits and sausage link.
I took ALL 7 kids to the pool
for some fun in the sun 😉
an asian salad I thew together that turned out really good!


another concotion that I threw together.
spaghetti squash, turkey sausage link, cilantro, crushed garlic, ground red pepper, salt=YUM-O!!!

nutella & banana
husband had a BADDDD day at work so he drove up to the house so I could jump in and go for a ride to get a treat.
I had a few bites of his Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup blizzard.
then I had this Sonic Jr Burger for dinner
I made cake balls waiting for Grandma & Papaw Hinson to arrive
WW recipe builder says they’re 2pts+ each

Total Daily: 45pts
Activity: moving?? haha
Soooo excited that the day is finally here that Torry & Lexy move in a mile down the road from us!!!
a stop off at the donut shop for breakfast
cinnamon twist for me
It was Awesome!
they got my egg & bacon with no cheese sandwich wrong so i just ate the bacon
Subway sandwich on a break
snack on the way to unload the first load
Aunt Windy is awesome!!!!
I LOVE it that other family memebers are on WW and eating healthy too!!

snacked on too many chips……

so had meat & veggies
I LOVED all the 0pt fresh fruit!!!
Thank you Aunt Wii!!
during the 2nd/last load…..
needed a chocolate/sugar boost
ate wayyyy too many mini chocolate chips.
*NOTE: I had forgotten all about a ZonePerfect bar in my purse until later that night!!!
ughhh…would have curbed my chocolate craving and been WAYYY less points than these mini choc chips.
***Times like this is when PREPERATION is KEY to staying on track.***
tried Kim’s Magic Pop for the first time
It was really good!!!
wanted sugar out of exhaustion at this point
Adults went to dinner at our FAV mexican resturant–La Brisa
I had what I usually always get…
Chicken Fajita Lettuce Wrap with pico & guacamole
had half the bowl of chips eaten before I realized it was the first time I had not counted out my chips there in 5 1/2 months!!!  ahhhh!!!
By the time I got home I went straight to bed and was curled up in a ball cause I ate too much and my stomach was killing me!!
I realized that exhaustion/my brain fog/lack of planning makes me out of control.

Total Daily: 46pts
oatmeal with banana for breakfast before church
sandwich leftovers for lunch after church
I made a lettuce wrap sandwich
chips & bean dip
hung out with the family and had some cookies
We sang Happy Birthday to Grandma Terry since her birthday is tomorrow!
 2 birthday cake balls
experiement recipe from our Leader Karen
angel food cake and pinapple tidbits mixed together and baked
topped with cool whip
Wasn’t too bad!
2 small slices of Papa John’s pizza

Total Daily: 36pts
Activity earned: 10pts
Fresh NEW Week!!! 😉
pre-run banana

*5 mile run with Lexy & running group*

post workout breakfast
protein pancake
{you know its pre-*shark* week (aka pms) when you just wanna eat pb outta the jar!}
super yummy!!!
passenger window somehow got off the track and fell–NO rain in TX for 100+ days until you can’t roll up a window!!!! geez!
My hubby fixed my car window and then was doing some stuff in his truck when……..
as if we didn’t have enough stress.
ugh.  :(
homemade nachos with Thrive Taco TVP, cheese, & cilantro
chips & salsa
dessert no picture
banana with Nutella

Total Daily: 29pts
Activity: 7pts
I was the ONLY person who showed up for a Butt-Blast Bootcamp class so Monica gave me my first SPIN class ever!!!! It was an awesome workout!!!!
oatmeal with banana
Zone bar snack
snack on the way home from a long apt
my sweet girl who LOVES to cook!!
I thought she was making her own grill cheese and instead she was making me lunch!
How can you say no to THAT?! 😉
*awesome power nap*
chocolate snack
(I need to get it outta my house!!!!)
caffeine boost with a Coke Zero 😉
thrown together dinner
spaghetti squash, turkey, mediterranean blend veggies, crushed garlic, red pepper
SOOOO good!
bedtime snack
WED 8/17
Total Daily: 30pts
Activity: 10pts
pre run
*5 mile run with Lexy & friends*
post run breakfast
ISO 100 whey protein drink-3pts
oatmeal w/bananas & FD blueberries-4pts
my fav Zone bar snack
picked up J’s new glasses
got a few more school clothes
*had a major nasty nauseating headache coming on*
wasn’t purty.
just sayin.
avoided the McD’s nuggets and drove down the the Jack-in-the-Box so I could get a healthier option
grilled chicken strips with bbq sauce-7pts
came outta J in the B and saw THIS!!!!
DRIVE THRU cinnabon!!!
I was {} that close to driving thru there–
but I couldn’t find the points value for them on my phone so I didn’t.
It still haunts me.
Sonic vanilla coke zero
opted for a Sonic vanilla dish instead and HAD NO IDEA it was this HUGE!!!
I was thinking it was the size of McD’s.
So I ate 4pts worth.
We had FRESHMAN parent orientation tonight…..
I still can’t believe my baby is old enough to be in High School!!!
Her Freshman shirt…….
I bust out laughing every time I look at it!!!!!
Her Daddy is not too happy that his baby girl is headed off to HS……..
I think it is gonna be hilarious to try to keep him from loosing his mind!
a pic with my hubby
late snack
nutella & banana
End of Week Points recap
Activity Earned: 53
Weekly Used: 0
*This was definitley a ‘getting back on track’ week for me.
I know the scale won’t be very nice tomorrow due to exercising again, getting back on track, and that ‘week’.
Just Keep on Keeping On
….right?!  😉

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