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Catchin’ Up

I can’t believe it’s been a whole week since I’ve posted.  The day after my last post, Cole came down with a 24-hr bug.  We spent from 1am-5am barfing, changing towels, changing jammies, trying to sleep, barfing, etc.  It was a long night.  Needless to say we spent Wednesday hanging out, watching movies, and napping.  I thought we were in the clear Thursday until he barfed again Thursday morning.  Awesome…so another day at home just chillin’.  I was starting to get a little stir crazy since I hadn’t worked out since Monday so I hopped on the treadmill while Cole napped, did some intervals and a small weight workout.  Cole was finally starting to feel better and wanted, of all things, Cafe Rio, how could I say no?  Friday Cole was back at school for his last day before Christmas vacation which means I got to go to spin class YAY!!  After spin I headed over to Cole’s school, they had a small Christmas program that we video’d for daddy.  They had some snacks, that turned out to be my lunch.

We had another date night, Cole and I, we’ve been having a lot of those lately 😉 ordered some pizza and watched Elf.  I only had 1 piece of pizza and it still kind of made me sick.

 Saturday I made a special breakfast of German pancakes.  I made them “weight watchers style” so that they were only 5 points per serving instead of 8!

After breakfast we went to get the Christmas tree…we picked it out and then spent the rest of the day putting on the lights and decorating it.

At night we went down to the cemetery where my grandparents are buried.  They have this thing called the luminary every year where they place candles in bags all over the cemetery.  Grabbed some dinner at an Indian Restaurant, it was delicious.

Sunday mom, Cole, and I started our trip to California.  It was a quick uncle/dentist visit.   We drove there Sunday, got out teeth cleaned Monday, drove home Tuesday.  The best part was finding Freddy’s Frozen Cutard, which we used to go to in Texas and has delicious steak burgers and fries.

Monday night my cousins and I went to see Sherlock Holmes.  It was a 7:45pm movie but by the time it was over I felt like it had been a 10pm movie.  I’m getting old!  Tuesday we stopped in Vegas on the way home for some shopping and Trader Joe’s.  All in all it was a productive trip.  Glad to be out of the car!  It also opened my eyes to the fact that there will be no car traveling when Keller gets home.  We had been thinking about a road trip, but being that I will most likely be significantly bigger by the time he gets home, and that it was already uncomfortable now, it won’t happen!  Besides some Freddy’s, I tried to keep in check with my eating on the trip.  We brought veggies, fruit, nuts, and protein bars to snack on.  Here’s a few pics of my meals:


Egg white veggie omelet from IHOP…for dinner 😉


Joined the kiddos for a delicious eggo breakfast

Freddy’s for lunch, Outback grilled chicken and shrimp with veggies for dinner.


Breakfast at the Nordy’s cafe, another delicious egg white veggie omelet

Snacked on some nuts, a Balance bar, apple, cheese, handsome peanut butter crackers before we finally had another meal back in Utah at Cafe Rio.

So I’d ben craving a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for 3 days…so I finally gave in and it was totally worth it!

And now you’re caught up on my life…you didn’t miss much 😉


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