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Catching Up & A HUGE FAVOR!!! :)

Hey y’all! Feels like it has been forever since I posted!! There has been so much going on that I know I won’t remember it all… I’m just gonna try to hit the high lights… I tracked my food like normal, but there was a bowl or two of cereal and probably a pudding snack or two that didn’t make it on camera…. once again, the Weight Watchers police will hunt me down….



I spent most of the day in Galveston hanging out with my awesome cousin Janese and her cute daughter Pru!! It was really nice to be able to visit with her and talk about the good ole days. We played dress up with all of her fun clothes and accessories. She is a designer and all of her pieces are 100% hand crafted from recycled materials.

Check out her site Thomasscelli Designs!

“In every piece you will find simple imperfections as a result from hand made artistry and you will never see another piece like yours.”

Fire Bites: protein waffle with blueberries, protein shake, subway sandwich, zone bar, salsa verde chicken soft taco…

After sitting in traffic and making my way home, I started getting a massive headache. It got worse and worse… As I was getting up to the church to help out with the youth program, my good friend Erin brought me some much needed pain relief!! (And a Coke Zero!!) Thanks sooo much girl!!



Started my morning bright and early at the track training with the Tough Mudder group.  That day is a blur to me… All I remember is my husband headed out of town for the weekend to attend a seminar in Dallas. He attended the International College of Applied Kinesiology annual meeting. He was in heaven because he got to hang out with all of his mentors in one location… :)

Fire Bites: protein shake, protein waffle with blueberries, zone bar, salsa verde chicken soft taco, half the fat ice cream, and protein shake…

I can’t believe May is OVER!!!!!



Printed a fresh new calendar to start out my new month! Hung out with Tammy and Carman! We were helping Tammy get set up a new Facebook Page, Twitter account, and Blog. :)

We were also laughing because everyone wants Carman’s world famous salsa recipe and there was a battle on Facebook for the goods…. We had the little recipe right there in my kitchen and we were taunting them!

Then Ciro joined in on all of the FUN!! Ty wrote letters to each of his teachers for the last day of school.

Fire Bites: zone bar, protein shake, salsa verde chicken soft taco, another zone bar… (this might have been the night i had cereal? i can’t remember because i didn’t take a pic!!! that’s why dietSNAPS is so cool….)

I also attended a funeral. My Pee-Paw’s brother passed away. It was a sad/happy thing because I know he lived an amazing life and he is in a better place. And it’s always good to be with family in times like that!



Boys started washing cars to earn money… they made $30 their first day! Then, we headed over to spend some more time with family members that were still in town.

My brother and Uncle Mark helped the boys design business cards for their car wash business. I had a late hair appointment for highlights and lowlights, so we headed out for that. The boys spent time walking around the mall and having fun.

There is a LOT more going on, but I don’t know how to squeeze it all in to this post!! I hope y’all are doing great and staying healthy!!!

One more thing you might be interested in???

Lauren completed a 7-Day dietSNAPS Challenge! <— click to read all about her experience!!


This would mean the world to us….. it’s a way that you can help support our favorite iPhone app dietSNAPS….

Since we started in November of 2009, dietSNAPS has grown by leaps and bounds each year. We now have over four thousand users and we’ve gone from two partners, Laurie and I, to four partners with the addition of Lexy and Carman. We went from an idea to conception to growth and reaching so many and we have loved hearing from each and every one of you how dietSNAPS has changed your life.

This week, we also changed our tagline: from, “Tracking your diet just became a SNAP!” to “Changing lives one picture at a time!” and we couldn’t be more thrilled. What was a simple tool to help others lose weight and reach their fitness goals has truly become something so much more – something that changes lives! At the heart of it, we all just want to make a difference in this world while we’re on this Earth, and by sharing your stories, your breakdowns and your breakthroughs and each milestone that you reach, you give back to us each and everyday in letting us know that we’re making a difference.

Now, to the future: We have so many wonderful ideas for dietSNAPS. It would be premature to lay it all out in detail, but please know that we have heard what you want and we want to give you that and more. We are currently in production on a fabulous new update AND an Android version (finally!), but our plans and ideas go well beyond the app. When we say more, we mean MORE!

We’ll get there either way, but we’d like to ask you to help us get there a little faster. We’ve thrown our hat into the ring in the Mission: Small Business grant competition being sponsored by Chase and LivingSocial. They will be giving twelve $250,000 grants to small businesses throughout the US and we’d love to be one of those twelve.

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Thanks for all of your support! We truly couldn’t do this without you!!


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