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now what?

Keeping Austin Weird!

Yay!!!  I’m so excited to finally be settled back in Austin.

And it only took 2 days of driving, 400 “are we there yet”s, 4 trips to the storage unit, 6 crystal light energy’s, 3 days without air conditioning in 100 degree weather, and multiple prescription strength ibuprofen’s!

PS The scenic route sucks!

Whose idea was it again to move to Texas, in July, without my husband?  I can’t even begin to express how grateful I am for my family and friends.  If it wasn’t for them:

-Cruz would still be in Utah (thank you Sherilynn for flying him out…and first class too!)

-my clothes would still be in the wardrobe boxes (thank you Carman and Lexy who had an especially fun time trying on my old shoes that they didn’t feel were “Cyndi approved”!)

-my lawn would be a hot mess (thank you Terry)

-my chairs and stools would be unsafe for sitting (thank you grandaddy!!)

-I would not be able to enjoy the Olympics because my TV would still be in the box

-Cole would not have a dresser

-Cruz would be sleeping in a pack n’ play instead of a crib

-I would have nothing hung on my walls

-Pretty much everything is because of the help of family and friends!

Special shout-out to my mother…she is amazing.  After driving with me for 2 days straight, she spent the next week unpacking, doing errands, cleaning, painting, organizing, and just getting things done.  She is and has always been a huge example to me of hard work and I’m so grateful she is my mom.

The best part is we were able to make healthy choices along the way thanks for food we packed, Subway and Chipotle.  It’s always awesome to know places you can go and things you can order to help you stay within your daily points.  And of course we packed our Vi-Shape shakes.  The first thing I unpacked from my storage unit was my Magic Bullet blender!!!

Subway for lunch TWICE!

Chipotle for dinner TWICE!

 This is my mother trying to squeeze a Vi-Shape mix packet into a water bottle in the car, not as easy as it looks!

Stopped in Trinidad, CO to stay the night with my dad…he’s temporarily working there.

Sherilynn watched Cruz for me so he didn’t have to be in a car for 2 days…they had a great time…obviously!

PawPaw the PoPo comes to take Cruz away for the above picture (underage drinking) and public indecency (no pants)

And of course some of our first stops in Austin were to our favorite eats…a delicious Mighty Fine burger and Berry Cool froyo.

Danielle and I took our sweet time picking up froyo for everyone else at home.  Danielle was featured in our Lite Your Fire series here.

And when everyone left, it was just the 3 of us.  Now what?

I worked hard to get my workout area together so I could start Phase 3 of P90X2.  I’m also halfway into my Body by Vi 90-day challenge and so far I’ve lost 13 pounds since starting the challenge, 20.6 pounds since starting P90X2, and 43 pounds total since having Cruz in March.

As I look back to last year when I was killing myself with twice a day workouts, eating the bare minimum points, stressing, and not losing weight, wow what a difference this year is.  I feel awesome, I have energy, I eat what I want while staying within my points, and love my workouts.

40 pounds lost

Happy 40 pounds not on my body day!!

So yesterday was a big day and I wanted to blog about it, but it was a busy Friday the 13th. Yesterday was weigh-in day and with a 2.2 pound loss, it took me to a total of 41.3 pounds lost since Cruz was born 15 weeks ago.  I am now 10.7 pounds from my goal!  I was so excited to hit the 40 pound mark that I bought myself a present…

(yes they are magenta and pay no attention to the P90X bruise on my shin, or the fact that I’m wearing the shoes in bed and most likely don’t have pants on)

These are the Nike ‘Free Run+ 3′ purchased at my favorite store…Nordstrom!!  They have a million colors and a few other different styles on their Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!!!!  These are the best tennis shoes in the world.  They are lightweight, comfy and cushy, and super cute…what more could you ask for????

Progress Chart

My friend Heidi (you will remember from Tuesdays with Heidi) and I were able to hang out a couple times this week and talked a lot about weighing yourself, when to do it, how often, and what’s a good amount to lose each week.  First of all I think a lot of people have totally wrong ideas about what a normal, healthy amount of weight to lose each week is.  I know I did.  I always thought that I could drop a bunch of weight fast and if I was only losing 1 pound something wasn’t working.  Heidi has had concerns because she goes down, then up, then down further, then up, then down further, and she’s discouraged by the inconsistency.  So I asked her when her weigh-in day was and she said she weighed herself once a day.  I told her that was her first problem and suggested she pick one day per week to weigh-in and preferably on Friday or Saturday so she could enjoy the weekend.  Back in June I sent her a text of a quote I had read…

So 4 days later this was her response…

I think back to a year ago when I was counting my points, working out twice a day, and not losing a pound.  It was so frustrating.  I don’t know why the weight seems to literally be falling off me right now.  I mean I know I am working hard at my workouts, trying to stay within my daily food points, and drinking my Body by Vi shakes, but I honestly think the MAIN reason why it’s finally working is because I’m not stressed about it.  I’m taking my time, enjoying the process, challenging myself but also rewarding myself.  Don’t stress, be patient!

Fire Bites…

Thursday, Heidi and I took the kids to a bouncy house.  I was not prepared to be there for 4 hours!  So after only having eaten a Vi shake, 1/2 a balance bar, an apple, 4 migraine pills, and a coke zero, I was literally shaking by the time we got home.  I made myself a turkey and avocado sandwich w/carrots to eat before my 90 minute hot yoga class.  I put a picture of side crow pose because I attempted it during class…let’s just say I definitely didn’t look like that chick!

Friday the 13th we met my sister and her kids at the Utah Natural History museum.  It is seriously such a cool place and the kids love it.  Poor Grace broke her wrist when she fell off her bike last weekend, but she gets to wear a sweet orange cast!  We got lunch at Corner Bakery after.  Came back up to Park City and I took Cole and Cruz to the park.  The weather was kind of spooky, overcast and a little windy, but the temperature was perfect.  Eventually it started raining so we had to head home.  As we were about to leave to go out to dinner later that night, the power went out.  We thought maybe it was just our area, but all of Park City was out so we came back home and whipped up an old favorite Tzatziki Chicken.  We had dinner by candlelight and the boys got baths by flashlight.  I took a picture of my mom and dad on their iPad’s and iPhones because apparently we can do just fine without power!

Today was another rainy overcast day.  I tried to get my P90X2 Back and Base video done early so I could help my dad with some stuff.  He taught he how to use a socket thingy (ha I still don’t know what the tool is called) to unscrew bolts in a bed we were taking down.  It’s actually surprisingly easy, so next time you think your man is all skilled with his tools, just know it’s not that hard!  I had the best salad for lunch, it was a warm goat cheese salad that had spring mix, goat cheese, pears, tomatoes, and I added chicken.  It was super yummy!  My friend Taryn had her baby yesterday so we went to the hospital to meet him.  He still doesn’t have a name, so for now he’s Baby Lebell!  He is such a cutie.  I can’t believe how time has flown and how big Cruz is now.  The cousin boys got to have a sleepover at Aunt Sherilynn’s tonight and my mom took Cruz home with her so I could go to dinner with Heidi.  We had time to get pedicures before, which I desperately needed.  I got the shellac nail polish for the first time in hopes that it will last a long time cause I’m not sure when I’ll be able to get a pedi again.  Then Heidi and I went to Bombay House for some delicious Indian food.  We were both so hungry that I don’t remember much conversation once the food arrived 😉  She refuses to pose for pictures so I had to take a bunch to try and get a good one.

Lexy and Carman are living it up in Miami at the ViSalus conference Vitality!!  I’m so jealous I wasn’t able to join them, but am looking forward to all the fun 90-Day Challenge updates they’ll bring back.  Next Tuesday is day 30 of our 90-day challenge…how is everyone else doing on your challenges??



I’m experimenting to see how good this works. I’m blogging from my WordPress app on my iPhone because my Mac is sitting next to me totally dead and the charger is upstairs and I’m too lazy to get it!
I’m supposed to be holding down the fort on the blog while Carman and Lexy play girl scouts in Louisiana, but I’m not doing such a great job.



Lexy took the picture of the squirrel, afraid it was stalking her. I suggested a shotgun to take care of the problem, carman corrected me (silly city girl) you need a .22 so you can kill it, skin it, and eat it. I literally almost threw up after reading her suggestion!
I’m getting ready to move back to Texas next week and even though I came with only a Tahoe full of stuff 9 months ago, I will be leaving with a Tahoe full of stuff AND a 10’x12′ trailer!!
This is how my weeks have been going lately…do awesome counting points, drinking my body by vi shakes, weigh Friday lose weight, cheat Friday, Saturday, Sunday back on Monday. Why do I do this? Eventually it’s going to catch up to me I know it. Plus I end up feeling like crap by Sunday night. I need to think of better weight loss rewards other than food!
My P90X2 continues…I have this week and next left of phase 2 then a rest week thank goodness. It’s perfect timing too because my rest week will be the week of my move, but I’m pretty sure I won’t be getting much rest!
I want to give a shout out and thank you to Earth Balance. They sent us some of their coconut peanut butters to try being that we FLF girls love our peanut butter!!

And here are my Fire Bites…
Sunday: I only took 3 pics, that’s how you know it was bad, lots not included!!

Monday: back on track, started the day w/chest, back, and balance followed by ab ripper

My new nemesis…Ben and Jerry’s Greek frozen yogurt blueberry and graham cracker flavor…oh my gosh so good and so bad. It’s like having 1/2 cup of full on ice cream (like blue bell) so I only allow myself bites, until maybe Friday and if I lose weight again I might eat half the container!!
Tuesday: plyocide

Wednesday: I usually go to hot yoga on Wednesday’s but I’m going tomorrow so today I did shoulders and arms followed by ab ripper

So I apologize now if you don’t hear from me a lot over the coming weeks. I’m excited to finally get settled back in Austin. Try not to eat any squirrels while I’m away 😉