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Sundays with Cyndi- Cilantro Turkey Meatballs

Yeah yeah…it’s Wednesday, are you surprised?  After making it through the first week of school successfully, my sinus’ decided to rebel so 7 days, 1 z-pack (antibiotics), 1 bottle of robitussin, 1 box of Mucinex, and almost an entire bottle of headache medicine later, I’m still fighting it.  Good Times!!

I got the idea to make these from Danielle.  We were talking about prepping food for the week and she said she makes turkey meatballs cause they’re easy to just grab and eat whenever.  She usually makes hers with onions and peppers but I had some cilantro that needed to be used so I did some googling.  Came across this recipe from my favorite and really just adapted it to be paleo friendly.  She also makes a dipping sauce with hers that looks ridiculously good!!


1-1 1/4 pounds of 99% lean ground turkey

2 cloves of garlic

1/4 cup chopped cilantro

3 scallions

1 egg

1 tsp cumin

salt and pepper

1 tsp olive oil

1/4C ground flaxseed, you can also use breadcrumbs but this Paleo girl cannot at the moment!

Heat oven to 400.  Chop cilantro and scallions (could use food chopper or processor and add the garlic as well, or use a garlic press).  Add all ingredients to a big mixing bowl and mix together with your hand.  Yes, your hand, get in there!!

Spray baking pan with cooking spray.  Use a 1/4C measuring cup to scoop out mixture and form into balls.

My recipe made 15.  You can make them smaller or bigger!  Bake for 10-12 minutes, try not to overcook them or they will be super dry.  The skinny taste recipe tells you to cook them for 15 min and I’m not sure if it’s my oven or if the balls were too small, but some of them turned out super dry.  The bigger ones turned out delicious!!  You can eat these plain, with a dipping sauce, or we put them in organic tomato sauce and ate it over spaghetti (squash for me).

Vi Shape Pancake

Sundays with Cyndi- Vi Shape Pancake

Yeah yeah I know…it’s Tuesday. Better late than never right? School started and Cole had his first day of Kindergarten. Tear. He’s such a big boy…so I’ve been a little preoccupied!

So usually I will make a dinner to post for my Sundays with Cyndi, but if I were to do that from this Sunday here would be the ingredients and instructions…


leftover Chipotle burrito bowl


On Saturday night, go to Chipotle, get a burrito bowl, don’t eat it all, put in fridge, reheat Sunday.



Sooooo instead you get breakfast!

I’ve been playing around with different recipes trying to find a yummy Vi Shape pancake recipe that I can be addicted to. Some I’ve made are too thick, some too runny, etc. So if you don’t have the Vi Shape shake mix, you can try and substitute another protein powder, but I can’t guarantee that it will turn out the same…or you can just buy the shake mix and love life!! 😉


2 scoops Vi Shape shake mix

2 TBSP ground flaxseed (just bought a big bag at Costco, cause it’s Paleo friendly!)

1/4C unsweetened coconut almond milk

2 egg whites

Blend all ingredients in a blender and pour onto frying pan on med/high heat. Turn when edges look cooked (be careful to make sure the bottom is nice and brown otherwise you’re going to make a mess when you try and turn it). Serve with 1 TBSP peanut butter (my fav is Skippy all natural with honey) or whatever you want to put on it!!! SO easy, SO yummy!
Points+= 4

Chicken, Zucchini, and Tomato Greek Fettucini

Sundays with Cyndi: Chicken, Zucchini, Tomato, and Greek Yogurt Fettucini

I had the chance to meet Sussan, one of our readers and fellow promoter for ViSalus at the big Houston challenge party with co-founder Nick Sarnicola and his wife Ashley.  As we were talking she mentioned she missed my “Tuesdays with Heidi” series which made me feel happy that someone actually read them and sad that I can’t do them with Heidi anymore now that I’m back in Austin.  So I’ve decided to make a new series of posts called Sundays with Cyndi.  Not only will it help me to actually cook at least one day during the week, but it will get me back to searching for healthy, low points meals that are delicious and fairly painless.

I have been craving some fettucini lately…but since I don’t want to kill myself with points, or make myself seriously ill…I decided to concoct my own version.  It’s super fast and my 5-year-old loved it!

Side note: this was made with what I had in my fridge, there are lots of options for substitutions!


2 chicken breasts

1/2 package fettucini (I used linguine)

2 zucchini

3 green onions

2 cloves of garlic

1/2 pint of cherry tomatoes (halved)

1/2 C non-fat plain greek yogurt

1/4C shredded Parmesan cheese

Lemon zest optional

Boil water for pasta, and cook for about 11min or until tender.  Cook chicken (I had leftover cooked chicken that I used); cut chicken into pieces, spray frying pan with PAM and sprinkle garlic salt.  Cook until cooked through, then remove from pan and set aside.

Add a swirl of olive oil to the pan and press 2 garlic cloves into pan (careful not to burn), add green onion and zucchini, cook until wilted (the zucchini will be kind of see through).  Push veggies to the side and add the tomatoes to the pan, cook until soft (not too long or they will be mushy).  Remove from heat and add chicken, pasta, greek yogurt, and parmesan.  Mix and salt to taste.  I didn’t have a lemon to add the zest, but kind of wish I did.  Top with of sprinkle of parmesan and enjoy!

Servings = 4

Points + approximation per serving = 8