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Weight Fluctuations

I can count at least 4 people that I have talked to this week about weight fluctuations! I thought it might be a good time to share some of my old Weight Watchers records…. This first picture is from 2005! It reads from the bottom to the top and you can clearly see the ups and downs of my scale readings each week.



This second picture is from last summer and it shows approximately 8 weeks worth of weigh ins before I reached my WW goal. If you will notice that for SEVEN weeks before I reached my goal… I flip flopped back and forth…



I’m trying to illustrate that weight fluctuation is NORMAL. And I struggle with it on a daily/weekly basis.

It’s part of life.

Today was my “official” weigh in for the month of April.  I was up 1.6 lbs from my March weigh in… and 3.8 lbs from my lowest WW weigh in…. BUT still 2 lbs under my WW goal.  :)




The Results Are In!

I can honestly say I have been stressing about today’s weigh in.  I put a lot of pressure on myself because of YOU!  Haha!  Not really…  but knowing I have to “report” in on the blog does have a big accountability factor!  Like I said in THIS VIDEO, I was “in the zone” from March until August of this year… but have been struggling the last few weeks.  After receiving the Lifetime status in Weight Watchers, I really didn’t think it would be this hard to maintain.  Let me get to the numbers and then I will analyze it with you… :)

My husband took my October 2011 picture for me before I headed out for my meeting.  You can see I got really dressed up for the occasion!!  😉 (Monthly Progress Photos were UPDATED)

My official weigh in for this month was 137 lbs!  Whew!  Yay!  Relief!

Now to ANALYZE!!!

I stayed after the meeting and talked with Carman and Aunt Wii!  (It’s so good to have friends and family on this journey with me!!!)  We talked about how many stressful obstacles we have all been through over the summer and throughout it all… we were able to maintain the weight we have lost! Here is a look at my Weight Watchers tracker official numbers…

I reached my WW Goal on June 9th at 137.2 lbs!  So happy because I have not weighed in the 130’s since the year I got married!!!  1995!!!!

On July 21st I received my Lifetime Award weighing 134.2 lbs!

On August 4th I was at my lowest weight to date on WW as an adult – 132.4 lbs.  (Carman received her Lifetime Award on this date!) At this point I was so very happy because on the BMI chart… if I were to be smack dab in the middle of the “normal” range for my age and height… I should be 125 lbs…. so at this weigh in I was pretty close…

Then began LIFE!  I had numerous things happen in the month of August and I let myself relax a little bit on the WW front…  Luckily I only gained a pound… September 1st I weighed 133.4

After that…. is when I REALLY began to not follow the program as outlined.  I want to make sure you realize I’m OWNING that fact!  I knew what I was doing. October 6th (Today!) I weighed 137 lbs… (.2 lbs less than the day I reached my WW goal!)

The good news is that I am still under goal! The even better news is that I’m motivated and excited!!! I am so happy to realize I was able to maintain my weight throughout the summer. I also realize that when I have a goal… I stay on program until I reach it!  I would really like to see 125 lbs and that is my new goal! I LOVE this comparison quote below!


Does having a goal help YOU to stay more focused?

Fire Bites

Started out the day with a quick 2 mile run… had a busy morning and didn’t really have time for anything else.

I wanted to say a quick thank you to Lauren over at Team Giles for featuring my story here.  I discovered her blog from Healthy Living Blogs.  The cool thing is that she is also from Houston and has an awesome success story!!  You will have to check out her blog and her story HERE!!!  Thanks again Lauren!

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