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Let’s Try This Again?

Wow… I am feeling really rusty when it comes to blogging!

The more I have tried to get by without checking in… the harder it is for me to stay on track with my diet. Accountability is super important for me.  So… here I am again.

Using dietSNAPS, counting points, working out and drinking my Vi-Shakes! In a way, not that much has changed… I just need a little accountability in my life. :)

MONDAY: 29 pts

1 tsp peanut butter, vi-shake, oatmeal w/ bananas, turkey chili w/spaghetti squash, butterfingers vi-shake, egg whites w/veggies, & protein waffle ~ workout: upper body weights


TUESDAY: 29 pts

oatmeal w/blueberries, apple vi-shake, turkey chili w/spinach, pb2 vi-shake, boca burger, & zone bar ~ workout: walking inclines

Torry and I are 2 weeks in to our latest 90-Day Challenge! Tough Mudder was AWESOME and we are looking forward to reaching our new goals!

In other exciting news…. The Health Magazine article is out! While I was out grocery shopping, I happened to see the lady setting out the November 2012 magazines… Ahhh! So crazy!



The last several days…

K – I really should be going to bed…. but I wanted to at least check in with a report … :)


Started out the morning with a run… we had our first “cool front” of the season and I couldn’t resist!! It felt wonderful! Then I headed over to the gym for lower body weights.

As far as food: protein waffle, spinach vi-shake, egg beaters w/veggies, butternut squash fries, berry vi-shake, zone bar, and turkey chili. :)



Started out with a crazy track work out with my Tough Mudder training group… ended up covered in grass from doing army crawls across the football field. Love my crazy teammates and their creativity with the training… who knew walking on  your hands was important? Later in the afternoon, went up to the gym for an hour of cardio.

Food: spinach vi-shake, protein bar, spaghetti squash with alfredo sauce and pico, zone bar, spinach vi-shake, shredded chicken taco, and nut-thins…

I helped my sister in law Meagan with a Challenge Party! I thoroughly enjoyed the excitement in Selina’s voice as she updated us on her 90-Day Challenge! Push play to see her results on the 90-Day Challenge so far!!!



Back to the gym this morning for upper body weights. Then I ran around town gathering some items for our upcoming Tough Mudder. After doing the army crawls, I decided that arm sleeves are a MUST! I know one of my friends Mackenzie is going to tease me… but what can I say!?

Food: spinach vi-shake, zone bar, turkey chili with pico, protein waffle, tsp of peanut butter, spinach vi-shake, and a protein bar…

 Slowly but surely I’m getting back into some semblance of a routine!

If you enjoyed Selina’s video post… show her some LOVE in the comment section below!!! Isn’t she the cutest?!?!?


A Little Of This, A Little Of That…

I don’t know WHY it has been so difficult to get back into the habit of blogging. I have officially decided TODAY that I HAVE to start blogging again! It helps me sooo much!! There really is something to be said for ACCOUNTABILITY!!! Now that the boys are back in school, things are definitely more manageable, so there shouldn’t be too many excuses as to why I can’t get it done!

I was gonna wrap up the last 3 weeks with a few pictures and videos from my iPhone…

My husband finally invited me to accompany him to a Houston Texans football game! Our good friend Ciro has season tickets and usually gives us his seats for a pre-season game. Torry usually takes Ty, but they let me have the honor of going this year!

 We had a lot of fun with it! :)

I started back to weight training! This was after upper body day!


Took the boys to the beach!



Comparison photo …. a little over a year later…

Left pic was the day I reached my WW goal June 2011, Right pic was a few weeks ago August 2012…

(I need a tan, and I am glad that I am starting weight training again… looks like I need it!)

Back to school shopping with Ty!


Lunch with Reece and Binh. They are both ROCKING The Challenge! My brother has lost 10 lbs and Binh has lost 8 lbs!! Woohoo!!! The 90-Day Challenge is changing lives!

So happy for Kathleen! She has lost 11 lbs so far on her 90-Day Challenge!!! :)

Check out my friend Sussan who has gone from a size 26 to a size 18!!!

Home from a 9 miler with my Tough Mudder training group!


Torry and I attended Ciro’s Art Show! It was awesome!!!


Ciro is THE BEST! So much fun!


The boys were “so happy” to get back to school!!


Torry brought me home a new shirt to wear for the games!


Abs at the gym!


Took the boys ice skating!


Celebrated my Dad’s 64th Birthday!

Slowly but surely things are getting back on track. My diet has been far from perfect, but I am starting to feel more focused! Here’s my latest video “Check In”!


Are YOU working towards a certain goal right now? What are YOU up to these days!?!?



Operation: Recover From Summer!

It’s been a wild and crazy summer for sure! I feel like I’m wayyy off track and am definitely ready for a routine! It just goes to show you that there really never is a finish line… All the success of last year can easily be erased if you don’t “keep on keepin’ on”! It’s the daily choices we make that add up over time and take us to where we currently are. Before things get too out of control… I want to head in the right direction again!