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December Motivation!!

With December here and all the food goodies and parties that come along with it……I am going to have to fight hard to stay on track!!! I am already finding it hard and Christmas isn’t even here yet!!

When I came across these on Pinterest the other day I knew that I needed to post them up here as motivation for me and hopefully y’all too!  to be able to get through this month. I need to print them all off and hang them on my bathroom mirror.










I hope that these will motivate us all as this month of Christmas craziness begins!!

I am really hoping it’ll start today –  because tonight I am hosting a Cookie Exchange/Appetizer Sampler party and I have lots on my to-do list!   ;/


Happy December!!!! 😉













Shania Twain - Today Is Your Day

Today Is Your Day!!!

I’ve been hanging out in the hotel room relaxing today and listening and watching The Country Network on TV like I used to when we had cable. I heard this new song by Shania and LOVE the words!! It made me think about how we can do ANYTHING in life. We just have to make up our mind, enjoy the climb, NEVER let anything stand in your way, and  NEVER GIVE UP! 😉

Enjoy! 😉

Today Is Your Day by Shania Twain

You got what it takes you can win?

You got what it takes you can win,
Today is your day to begin.
Don’t give up here, don’t you quit.
The moment is now, this is it
Know that you can then you will
Get to the top of the hill
Part of the fun is the climb
You just gotta make up your mind

That today is your day
And nothing can stand in your way
Today is your day
Everything’s goin’ your way
Today (you can do it)
Today (c’mon c’mon)
Today (c’mon do it)

When somebody throws sticks and stones
All they can break are your bones
And life’s gonna kick you around
Then kick you again when you’re down

But today is your day

And nothing can stand in your way
Today is your day
Everything’s goin’ your way
Today (c’mon do it now)

mmmm life’s gonna kick you, its gonna kick you around, its gonna kick you down

Brush yourself off no regrets
This is as good as it gets
Don’t expect more or less
Just go out and give it your best (give it your best)

Today is your day
And nothing can stand in your way
Today is your day
Everything’s goin’ your way


What You Do……..



found on Pinterest From

I have thoughts on this…….which will come later…goes hand in hand with Lexy’s video post a couple days ago

My husband has been off all week (has been awesome since he’s been gone so much!!!) but I’ve gotten behind again….I feel like I’m trying to ‘catch up’ on everything since this fun whirlwind past weekend….housework, dishes, laundry, groceries, meals, sleep, all while the hubby has been off and hanging out at home……and then it always makes it more fun to throw in a kid getting sick and doc apts for my oldest for an injury!!!

Fun Times! ;))

All I can say is ‘TODAY IS A NEW DAY’

Stay tuned for more thoughts & posts ahead……




I’m Back!! Finally!

I’m back!!!!!!   Aren’t y’all proud?! 😉

tried Tony Horton’s P90X Stretch cause I have been super sore but more STIFF than anything from Spin and BodyPump earlier this week. It was really good and helped stretch a lot of my reallllllyy sore areas. I really liked how the tip of the day for this workout was to focus on *breathing*……once I really focused on it I could tell a HUGE difference!

+2 activity points

breakfast – 5pts+

*WW Meeting & weighed in*

We talked about ‘Our Victory Log’ — very cool meeting and I will recap that soon!

mid morning snack while running errands – 0

{these grapes I swear were bigger than my eyeballs!!!}

lunch while still out and about – was getting tired at this point – 8pts+

Sonic Jr Deluxe Burger with mustard instead of mayo – no cheese 😉

mid afternoon snack on the way home – 4pts+

turkey & havarti cheese snack – 4pts+

about 1/2 cup popcorn – 1pt+ ??

dinner on the way to our football game that my twin girls were supposed to perform at but we got blessed with some much needed rain {and some really cool lightening!} instead so we turned around and just came home – 9pts+

snack – 2pts+

as I type this……banana w/ nutella – 5pts+

**confessional – I cannot buy nutella and have it in my house ANYMORE! I swear I have become a ‘closet’ nutella eat-it-with-a-spoon- eater!!!  The past couple weeks the BLT’s {bites, licks, & tastes} of everything are what are adding up and making me  backslide into snacking too much!! I am starting to recognize ‘new trigger’ foods that I cannot buy and keep in my house because when I’m tired, bored, lonely, emotional, stressed, or just missing my husband…….this is the kind of stuff I grab because in the beginning I think one bite is no big deal…..its just a ‘bite’……well then that ‘bite’ adds up to alotta points and then you are not getting the results you want!!! Back to reality.**

From on Pinterest

THIS is what our focus should be in our weak moments!


C-ville day 6…waking up full of awesome!

Monday, monday…a friend of mine sent me an email with a link to this blog.  I thought it was perfect and just what I needed!!

The blog is called Pigtail Pals and the post is called Waking Up Full of Awesome…

“There was a time when you were five years old, and you woke up full of awesome.
You knew you were awesome.
You loved yourself.
You thought you were beautiful, even with missing teeth and messy hair and mismatched socks inside your grubby sneakers.
You loved your body, and the things it could do.
You thought you were strong.
You knew you were smart.
Do you still have it?
The awesome.
Did someone take it from you?
Did you let them?
Did you hand it over, because someone told you weren’t beautiful enough, thin enough, smart enough, good enough?
Why the hell would you listen to them?
Did you consider they might be full of shit?
Wouldn’t that be nuts, to tell my little girl below that in another five or ten years she might hate herself because she doesn’t look like a starving and Photoshopped fashion model?
Or even more bizarre, that she should be sexy over smart, beautiful over bold?
Are you freaking kidding me?
Look at her. She is full of awesome.
You were, once. Maybe you still are. Maybe you are in the process of getting it back.
All I know is that if you aren’t waking up feeling like this about yourself, you are really missing out.”