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Feeling Fabulous in February!!

I am SO glad Januweary is over!!!!!  Now we can move on to the sweet month of February! 😉

I decided I needed a Challenge or a focus for this month to help me out of the winter blahs. I feel like I have just been going through the motions this last month so I came up with the Feeling Fabulous in February Challenge! 😉  To feel fabulous…..we need to be following the Good Health Guidelines and checking off our list of Health Checks DAILY!!!!  I created a checklist that has the Weight Watchers Good Health Guidelines but is similar to the checklist on The Game On Diet we did a couple of years ago – but instead of being in a competition with others  like this game encourages – I want it to be a competition with myself.  I want to see how much I can improve in the choices I make daily and weekly – because this is all really about becoming our BEST SELF and loving YOURSELF MORE!

To keep it simple the idea each day is:

Eat 5-6 small healthy meals using the Good Health Guidelines (No Bites, Licks, Tastes)

Exercise – try just 20 mins a day

Water – our body needs MORE water!

Sleep – studies show that getting 7+ hours of sleep a night can help tremendously with stress levels, weight loss, etc.

New Habit – pick a new habit you want to work on this month – can be ANYTHING and doesn’t have to be ‘diet’ related

Old Habit – pick a bad habit that you want to kick! Make an effort to NOT do that bad/old habit and you can check it off! 😉


To help me keep track – and since I’m OCD and I love lists and checklists – I threw together a checklist that we can use for this.  I plan on printing it off and posting it somewhere so I can check off my things as I do them throughout the day!  Click HERE for the link to the checklist that you can print to use. Pick something to reward yourself (non food related 😉 ) at the end of each week and then at the end of the month once you get X number of checks. You will be surprised at how fabulous and how empowering you will feel by being in control of the choices you make each day!! Give it a try!!!


Here’s a cool printable daily planner I found online.


Burpee Challenge – Day 75 Timed

Today is the timed Day 75 of the 100 Day Burpee Challenge. Be sure and post your times in the comments below! Hopefully you are seeing improvements in yourselves and workouts from the conditioning of the burpees.

Remember – its not too late to join us!! Just jump in now and do 10 a day till the end if you’re just starting.

Only 25 days left! YAY!!!  😉

Just Keep On Keepin On!


Not too late to start our Burpee Challenge!!!!!

Hi all!!

In case you’re just joining us or you missed our original start of the 100 Day Burpee Challenge that my husband gave us…….Its NOT TOO LATE to jump in and start the challenge!!!!!

We are on day 53 of our original challenge but you have several ways you can jump in till the end with us:

**You can do the last 50 days of the challenge with us starting with 1 burpee. Since we are on day 53 then today you would do 3 + 2 +1 = 6 to catch up to date for the last 3 days. Then tomorrow we would be on day 54 and you would do 4. You would always subtract 50 from the day we are on to know what day YOU are on. 😉 (clear as mud right?! haha)

** You can jump in where we are on day 53. Tomorrow you would do 54 us. (the trick would be to take your time if you choose this method)

**or you can feel free to choose your own method! You can just do 10 everyday with us…….. or 20…… or jump in at whatever number you want……. or start your own challenge!  Just do something. 😉

You can click HERE to see a video of how a burpee is done.


The purpose of this challenge is to:

-set a goal and accomplish it.

-the burpee is a total body exercise and cardio move – you WILL see and feel a difference by doing them.

-it is to challenge yourself daily!!!! You CAN DO IT!!!!


Feel free to let us know if you have any questions.


burpee tshirt design

Burpee Challenge – Day 50 Timed

Ok fellow Burpee Challengers –  today is day 50, I encourage you to turn on the afterburners and be sure and log your time!!!! I hope everyone has been staying focused and motivated.  I know we have all had our moments when knowing you still have to do your burpees for the day but stick with it and follow through.  Just remember you won’t be the only one, I too got behind and had to make up 308 last week which was NOT fun, my obliques where sore for about 5 days.  However I felt great knowing that I was caught up and back on track.  Start taking some personal satisfaction in completing  your burpees each day.  Even though this is a friendly challenge take pride in the challenge and make this a personal competition.  Set your own goals for this challenge in different ways for example;  do all of your reps without stopping,  do todays as fast as possible or do your reps today first thing when you roll out of bed.  There are numerous ways to challenge yourself so make it fun.  Stay focused during the holidays, work hard, and have fun.

That is all, you are dismissed now go do your BURPEES!!!!



Day 25 Timed Burpee Challenge

Happy Holidays Burpee Competitors!

I hope all had a great Thanksgiving.  I’m sure none of you have forgotten to do your burpees and none of you have gotten behind and have had to play “catch-up” hahaha.  Hopefully by now you all have started to make it a habit during the day and are tracking not only what you eat but also your workouts.  Take pride in the fact that you have made it this far no matter how fast you complete your reps in.  All that matters is that they are getting done.  As the numbers start to climb, try and keep your session as short as possible and in as few reps as possible if you are having to break them up.

Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day, enjoy the competition and strive for daily improvement. Post your times Day 25 times in the comments below so everyone can see how your doing.


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