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Health Magazine “I Did It” Photo Shoot :)

I have had a really busy and fun weekend! The Health Magazine photo shoot has come and gone. It was so much fun!! It still seems unreal to me that it actually happened. Having that experience on Friday made me really appreciate my weight loss journey. I can’t believe that just 6 or 7 years ago, I was in a totally different place and mindset. Back then, I felt so miserable, uncomfortable, & defeated…  I never thought it would *really* be possible to reach my goals. I remember very clearly how I felt and I am so glad that I was able to implement small changes over time that have now made such a big difference in my life.

2006 to 2012!


Saturday, June 9th was my one year mark for actually reaching my goal of being UNDER 140 lbs! For the last year, I have been able to maintain my weight between 135 and 138 lbs! That still shocks me!!!


I love the TargetWeight app for keeping track of my weight loss! The balloons were such a fun surprise that day! :)


It really is a slow and steady process….


I put together this little video clip of the photo shoot! I’m so thankful to Torry, the boys, my mom and Carman for being there with me! Their support made me feel so much more comfortable!! I’m also grateful for all of the pictures and videos that they took for me!! It was definitely a day I will never forget!!


Torry was laughing at me because I didn’t want to wash my face!! I have never had my make-up done professionally before!!


I even went running the next morning with my make-up still on! Hahaha!!! *I know, I’m gross!*


I wanted to thank Misty from ThePerfectFace and Phoebe of for being so cool during the photo shoot! They were awesome and made me feel very comfortable. I had such a great time working with them!! Be sure to click on their sites and check them out! Also, I wanted to say THANK YOU to Niki at Lululemon for helping me pick out clothes!! And a huge THANKS to Ashley at Tootsies for providing me with even more awesome clothes! I wish I would have been able to wear all of the outfits that I brought! It was definitely fun to be able to try on so many awesome outfits this week!

Me and Misty!


Me and Phoebe!


Me and Ashley!

The article should be coming out in the October issue of Health Magazine… I’ll keep you posted if anything changes! :)

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Sharecare Nutrition Twitter Chat Tonight :)

We were contacted by Sharecare about a Nutrition Twitter Chat that they are hosting tonight!! They will be discussing low carb diets vs low fat diets.  A number of dietitians and nutritionists will participate/answer questions. Here’s some more info if you’re interested:

In support of raising awareness around healthy nutritional habits, @SharecareNow will host a Twitter Chat on Sunday, April 1st from 8-9pm EST. Participants must use #DietDbate to participate in the conversation, where nutritional experts will answer questions related to a healthy diet, including dieting facts vs. fiction and low carb vs. low fat diets.

They have also announced their SharecareNow Top 10 Nutrition influencer list with an interactive infographic:
It’s really cool!!! Be sure to check it out!! :)

Shocking Before/After Rodeo Run Pics!

Today we ran the Conoco Phillips Rodeo Run. This is the 4th time I have run this particular 10K! I love this race … something about running through the streets of down town Houston with 15,000 participants!

This year was really fun because I got to hang out with some really cool girls!

Carman, Tammy, Erin, Me, and Heather all piled into my car this morning and headed to the race….

We met up with Brenya and her friend Sara! AND I ran into Cindy that I used to run with in Pearland! So fun!!

Tammy is a Weight Watchers leader and all three of us reached “lifetime” status last summer! You can read more about Tammy’s amazing transformation and her 120 lb weight loss HERE!

After the race, we ran into Brittany and Kallae! We all attend Karen’s WW class on Thursday mornings! (Don’t tell her we were in the ice cream line for free samples!!)

Carman and I were so excited to receive our new dietSNAPS shirts just in time for the race!

ONE YEAR AGO – we ran the same Rodeo Run and we had just discovered the dietSNAPS iPhone App! We began documenting our food intake utilizing the visual food journal! This along with attending our Weight Watchers meetings helped us reach our weight loss goals!

Here is the picture of Carman and I running last year… I was approximately 156 lbs.

Cathy and I doing the rodeo run in 2009… I was approximately 149 lbs.

And back in 2005, I ran with Cathy! (Read more about her HERE!) I weighed 188 lbs and was at a very low place emotionally. About a month before, she had come to my house for the weekend and I stayed in pajamas the whole time. I was telling her how miserable I felt… I didn’t know how to change and what to do to lose the weight. She was telling me about a girl that she had seen online that had reached her weight loss goal with Weight Watchers. I began reading Carrie’s blog!

I can’t even believe now that I am posting this picture… I was mortified the first time I saw it. However…. I want you to know that I KNOW how hard it is to make changes. I know what it feels like to be miserable and out of shape. I was embarrassed of what I had become. I had “let myself go” and I wanted to change! I just want you to know that it is possible! If you have the true desire to change… you can do it! Don’t give up on yourself or your dreams!

2005 ~ 2011 ~ 2012



When You’re About To Quit

I’ve talked to several people recently who are really frustrated with trying to lose weight. There are times when counting points and following my Weight Watchers plan seems so simple, and other times that it feels like torture. I know there are tons of things that can affect my feelings… and I think it’s important to take notice of the times when things feel unusually difficult. For women, it could simply be “that time of the month…” (sorry if that is TMI).

Source: via Kristin on Pinterest


I just came across this Weight Watcher’s article “When You’re About To Quit.”

They offer 8 tips to help you keep going even when you feel like you can’t…. I’ll add my opinions next to their tips…

*Quit or keep going: it’s up to you… They say to imagine yourself at a crossroads… if you continue staying off plan, it’s so much harder to get back on. I completely agree. When I recognize that I’m way off track… I usually focus on the next 3 days. I use those 3 days to pay close attention to my foods, drink lots of water, and make sure I get in some exercise at the gym. (I’m currently on day 2 of getting back on track after last week)

*Expect it… like I said before, for me… I know that when I am pms-ing… it’s gonna be a hard week. It helps me to recognize that “it is what it is.”

*Get a move on motivation… I LOVE a good success story! It’s not hard to find them either… a quick google search or perusing the WW message boards and you will find other people like you! It gives me hope that I too can have the same success if I am consistent and patient!

*Eliminate the word “quit” from your vocabulary… I love this one. They say instead of “quitting”… tell yourself that you are just going to maintain for a while until you get your motivation back. There is nothing wrong with that! It’s way better than gaining all those unwanted pounds back.

*Don’t let plateau’s put you off… I remember that for about a month before I reached my goal weight… I was on a plateau. I can honestly say that it was a very frustrating experience. What if I had given up? I don’t even want to think about that. Like Carman says, keep on keeping on. It will happen.

*Figure out what has worked in the past… This is why I love my dietSNAPS app. I can easily look back at weeks when I was losing weight and see what I was eating. It helps me plan my menus for getting back to that same success.

*Try meal ideas… I’m a fan of finding new recipes. I have recently discovered Skinny Taste!

*Find a meeting… Get yourself in the company of people who you know will help motivate you, like the people at Weight Watchers meetings. I love our Thursday meetings with Karen. I look forward to seeing familiar faces each week… and Karen is just awesome!!!

Over the weekend, I saw this very inspirational video clip from the Barcelona Olympics in 1992… I really wanted to share it on here and I hope it helps you make the choice to never give up!!

My Fire Bites Today: 26 pts plus

*20 minutes of elliptical followed by 1 hr boot camp* +13

Links to recipes:

Roasted Veggies

Spaghetti Squash With Alfredo Sauce

Protein Waffle

Whey Protein Fruit Smoothie

Tortilla Pizza


Your Mind Set

Yesterday’s Weight Watchers meeting was really good… and Deep! 😉

We talked a lot about mind set… and how we change from the outside in. Our leader Karen compared our changes to a Target. Imagine going from the outer rings to the inner core…


Our changes are measured from our:

Environment > Behaviors > Capabilities > Beliefs > Identity

It’s a good idea to think about each of these things and how they will affect you as you make changes. Starting out on your journey, you will be very aware of your environment… the foods in your kitchen, the rules you are trying to follow (like the points system on WW), counting calories, taking pictures with your phone for dietSNAPS, etc. You will learn to control your environment to the best of your ability in order to see success. Eventually, those things will lead to a change in your behavior. You will have to change the way you do things. You will practice making those changes… not making changes perfectly… but learning as you go along. You will have times when your behaviors will yield positive results…. and other times when you will fail. Be kind to yourself. You’re human and you are going to make mistakes, it’s how we learn. Over time…. you will start to recognize your capabilities. You CAN make better choices for yourself and take responsibility of situations. You don’t have to make the choices you used to make… You are capable of making better ones! And you will believe that! Ultimately your personal identity will change. You no longer think of yourself as overweight, miserable and out of shape. You are now fit and much more confident in your abilities. This whole thing is a process, but you will be so glad you have gone through it. You will be so grateful for the things you will learn about yourself.

Karen talked about the importance of getting rid of the labels that people impose on you.

Example: Stop saying that you are an “emotional eater” (if you have always believed that)… Instead, replace that statement with something like… I am a responsible eater! Believe in yourself. Be proud of your daily accomplishments.

In closing… she left us with this awesome quote by Henry David Thoreau:

“Things do not change, we change!”