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Sometimes you just need to keep it real!

Hey all…I really needed to do a quick video because I feel like sometimes on health and fitness blogs it’s all…”yay we are so awesome and healthy and fit…yay for us”.  But if you’ve read our blog you know we aren’t like that.  I mean don’t get me wrong, we’ve all worked our butts off, accomplished goals, discovered healthy recipes, found new workouts we love, but it’s not always roses in our Fire Lites Fire lives!  I know I just posted my exciting results of my first 90-day challenge and being 3 pounds away from my Weight Watchers goal, but it hasn’t been easy, and especially lately, I’ve been struggling.  But the one thing I know is that this is a normal part of the process and being healthy is a LIFE LONG process.  So here you go…


First challenge down!!

Wow 90 days went by fast!!  I can’t believe I almost have a 6-month-old.  I just wanted to do a quick update on the end of my first challenge.  So on 3/25/12 I weighed in at 202, I would like to say the largest I’ve ever been, but I weighed more when I was pregnant with Cole.  On Monday June 18th at 174 pounds I started my Body by Vi 90-day challenge.  At first I wasn’t really into drinking 2 shakes per day.  I love food and didn’t want to drink my meals.  So I incorporated them into my Weight Watchers point plus plan and mostly had the shake after my workouts.  I loved all the different recipes you could make, but mostly just made a Green Greek Vi Smoothie which consisted of:

1/2C water, 2C spinach, 1C frozen fruit, 1/2C greek yogurt, 2 scoops of Vi-Shape mix.

At the halfway mark I had lost 12 pounds down to 162.  So I thought hey if it’s working with 1 shake per day, I wonder how awesome it would be with 2 shakes a day.  So I started having 2 (1 usually as my post workout and 1 either mid afternoon or in the evening).  That was until I learned how to make the delicious Vi pancake!!  Now I eat a pancake after my workout and have my Green Greek Vi shake in the afternoon.  At the 90-day mark I was down another 9 for a total loss of 21 pounds on the challenge and 49 pounds total.

I can’t even believe it myself.  I feel so awesome and love/hate the fact that none of my clothes fit.

I still have 3 pounds to go until I reach my Weight Watchers goal and 13 to my ultimate goal.  It’s a process and I know it’s not going to happen overnight.  I love my shakes, I love changing up my workouts, and I love finally feeling like my hard work has paid off!


Image 4

The World’s Best Olive Oil and Balsamic

I thought I’d do a quick update on how the Paleo diet is going.  I’ll admit…I’m hungry and a little tired, but feeling better every day I continue to stay strong! I’m trying to get into a routine so that I don’t sit around wondering what I should eat.  In the mornings I have a greek Vi shake within an hour of waking up and before my workouts.  Today after my spin class I made a delicious Vi shape pancake soooooo good.  I posted the recipe HERE.  I cook up extra food at dinner to have as lunch or snacks throughout the day and also bought a bunch of Larabar’s for a quick grab and go.  So far so good.  One week down, five more to go! Looking forward to my cheat meal!!!

Green Vi-Shake post workout

You Don’t Have to Be Perfect

Is everyone having an AWESOME summer?!  I know our summer has been insanely busy and chaotic – not AT ALL what I had envisioned when school was getting out in May. I had dreamed of days at the beach and pool with my kids and lazy days watching movies and just hanging out relaxing. We have probably gotten to do those things counted on one hand. Its crazy how life sometimes changes and doesn’t go as we plan – even if those changes are awesome and exciting! :)

So if you can imagine my summer not going as I had planned then you can imagine how much harder it has been to stay on ‘track’??? Super duper hard!  I still track daily with my favorite iPhone tracker- my dietSNAPS app to stay mindful of what I am eating but I haven’t been keeping close track of my daily WW points target. Thankfully I have maintained the same weight all through this summer craziness!  Taking a step out of the big picture has helped me realize this………

(via everything-inspiring)

I also realized that it is because I have changed and created healthy habits over the last 17 months and that I am going to do awesome as long as I maintain those habits. I am so thankful that we came across the 90 Day Challenge and the AWESOME Vi-shakes because that has helped me get that nutrition in even if I haven’t been perfect so I can maintain and have energy. You can check out my FaceBook 90 Day Challenge page HERE.


Just a little over 2 1/2 weeks left till school starts!!!!!  I’m excited and nervous at the same time cause I have SOOO MUCH to still to do to get my kids and house ready before then!!!!

Lots more to update……so stay tuned!!!!! :)


Day 5

Errand Day

Ran the roads today for appointments – working on our blog, took Devyn & Hannah to a Girls Camp party/sleepover, treatment with my AWESOME Applied Kinesiologist :), and then came home to have a QUIET date night at home with my hubby.  :)  On the way home I grabbed our fav Bullritos salads and red box movies.


Fire Bites: 

Breakfast – Vi shake – with coconut, spinach, frozen banana

Snack – Zonebar

Lunch – 2 Jack in the Box tacos / somebody left a Whataburger Chocolate chip cookie in my car that was calling my name :)

Supper – Bullritos grilled chicken salad – YUM!!

Dessert – Coconut milk Vi shake