Claretta – Week 27


I missed posting last week because my computer was down and out and I can’t do this on my cell phone!  Maybe someone can, but I’m a little technically challenged.  (I promise, you didn’t miss anything!!)

So, on with the Good News/Bad News.  Monday evening I got a call from Jessica, my trainer at Fitness Connection. Out of the blue she lets me know that before my Tuesday morning workout session, she was planning to take my measurements and weight and do a fitness test.  Oh boy, let me tell you how excited I was for that!  Seriously, I’ve had the hardest time recovering from the holidays and I think it’s in the air because everyone else seems to be having a hard time getting back on tract too!  Anyway, I had to face the music…


Good News:  Since November 22, I’ve lost 2 pounds, 1/2 inch in my chest, 1/4 inch in my waist, 2-3/4 inches in my hips, 1 inch in my claves, and …drum roll please…3 1/4 inches in my thighs, for a total loss of 7-3/4 inches!!!

Bad News:  My body fat percentage stayed exactly the same (Boo!!) and I lost 2.7 pounds of lean body weight which refers to the sum of the weight of your bones, muscles and organs… basically the sum of everything other than fat in your body, as described by HallsMD.

I cannot be happy with that kind of a report, and this is a direct result of not eating enough food especially proteins and NOT keeping a food journal. I got lazy. I do not have an iPhone, so therefore no DietSNAPS, so I got back on track with eating good food when I’m supposed to and keeping a good journal.  I’ll get healthier and slimmer in the process and won’t get fussed at by Jessica!  She doesn’t really fuss, she just gives me “the look”.  I heart her!!

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