Claretta – Week 29

Snails are my heroes!!


Driving home from one of my many errands the other day, I saw a sign in front of one of the churches and it read, “Because of perseverance, the snail made it to the ark”.  Now, isn’t that profound?  Of course, I immediately thought of the religious implications, and that led me to thoughts of my current health and weight loss journey.  I mean, how dang slow can a snail be and he reached his goal!  Snails have never been my favorite creature and they are not very cute, but now I have a new regard for their plight and mine.  Slow and steady, plodding along in the right direction!
I’m really trying not to think about where I could have been at this point had I not made a few errors in judgment in the past couple of months, but go forward with faith and resolve to keep going forward!  Even if it is at a snail’s pace!!


I want to thank Lexy and Carman for helping me realize how much weight 35 pounds is.  Of course I was complaining that I had only lost 37 pounds and they challenged me to find a 35 pound weight at the gym and carry it around for a while.  I did, and needless to say, they were right, that’s a LOT of weight to loose once and for all.  I picked up that big ole weight and threw it on the ground as a symbol of never having to deal with that again.  It’s gone – now for the next 35!

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