Claretta – Week 4

-0 (ugh!!)

I’m sure you didn’t sleep through 7th grade science class and you learned about the metamorphosis of a butterfly…right?   Isn’t it interesting to realize that before that worm could get her cacoon, she had to eat a whole lot to turn into that “beautiful” catapillar. Well, think about me as that little worm all wrapped up in a not-so-great cocoon waiting for that wonderful day when I’ll be presented to the world as a gorgeous butterfly.  Does this metamorphosis happen over night?  Of course not!  Subtle little changes are being made on the inside, slowly but surely.  These little changes can’t be seen from the outside right away.  It takes time!

I have to keep reminding myself that most of my changes are happening on the inside and it will be a while before they are more obvious to me and the world on the outside.  In other words, when I look in the mirror now, I can’t really tell that I look that much different and that’s disappointing until I remind myself that I’m still in the puppa stage.  So I’m not going to beat myself up because I’m not loosing vast amounts of weight each week.

My blonde bombshell of a daughter keeps chanting in my ear, “slow and steady wins the race”.  I believe her, really I do.


As you can see, I look pretty happy in my latest picture.  I am happy that I am making some progress.  At least I have begun. I would  be happier if I hadn’t eaten that homemade donut and that sugary shaved ice drink today but I have to fess up to be accountable.  The good thing is I only ate one donut instead of two or three like I would have in my previous life.  Now, for my penance, I have to shake it off and start fresh tomorrow.  I can do that!  

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