Cole Haircut

Cole’s Busy Day

Busy day today…mostly for Cole…I was just the chaperone.  I felt very snacky today, so I just tried to have small meals throughout the day.

Pre-workout: 3

Did a weights and burpees workout.  3 sets of all exercises: 10 alternating lunges per side w/curls, 15 squats holding 15lb weight, 15 straight leg dead lifts with 15lb weight, curtsy lunges w/lateral raises, static lunges w/overhead press, 10 burpees.

Post-workout: Nature’s Path FlaxPlus cereal  4

Off to get Cole a haircut and then to meet up with his friends at the rec center for some bouncy fun!

Snack at bouncy house: 1/2 balance bar

Home for lunch…some leftover refrigerator soup  6

We had an hour for quiet time and a quick nap for me, and then we went with Papa to the aquatic center to swim.

Snack on the way: 1/2 Yoplait Smoothie  3

After swimming Cole and I headed down to Taekwondo.

Snack on the way: cheese and apple  3

Dinner w/Heidi for Tuesdays with Heidi (recipe separate post): 8

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