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Crazy/Busy/Hectic/Awesome Week!

Tuesday Fire Bites:  30 points plus, 0 activity points

Ty had a dentist appointment early, so I just had a protein bar on the way – 6

On our way back home, there was a road block of sorts…. The Houston Rodeo is right around the corner and there are tons of trail riders coming into town. Click HERE to read about the modern day trail rides!!!

This made Ty’s day!! He loved seeing all of the horses and cowboys! It’s so funny to see them along the highway with cars zooming right along side of them…

After dropping Ty at school, I took care of Cole and Gabe so Carman could take Devyn to the doctor and Cyndi could get a chiropractic treatment from Torry…. Protein waffle  -5

Because Cyndi is so cool, she stopped by and got us my favorite cookie from Whole Foods! -5

We were so exhausted from all of the fun, we all took a nap!!! After 2 hours of catching up on our Zzzzzz’s, we ran some errands and stopped by Berrylicious!  -1

Carman hooked us up with more of her stuffed peppers and spinach -5

We all joined a group of friends to play Rook!

Pineapple, Strawberries, Chips/Salsa – 3

Dove dark chocolate -1

Sugar free pudding dessert – 4

I thought it was awesome that there were so many healthy options at Rook tonight! :)

Wednesday Fire Bites: 34 points plus, 7 activity points

Had LOTS to do!! It always helps me to carry a list and a pen! I add to it as my mind is racing!

I ended up spending Tuesday night at Carman’s so we could help her decorate for the twins birthday. Carman had a special breakfast prepared for them and we opened presents before school. After that, I came home to get my boys ready for school and have breakfast.

Protein waffle – 5

On my way to the repair shop to pick up my computer, I munched on this -6

Then I headed over to Luke’s Locker to pick up the race packets for me and my friends that are running the 10K this weekend!

We are doing the Conoco Phillips Rodeo Run again! This is the 25th anniversary year of the annual race. It’s the official kick off weekend for the Houston Rodeo and the race is followed by a huge parade! Should be lots of fun! :)

Our packets came with a free cookie, so Cole decided he wanted the 6 points plus and ate my cookie for me… so sweet of him!!  I was saving myself for Whole Foods and Girl Scout cookies later in the day….. you’ll see!

I love the excitement in the air at race events….

I met one of my friends Sandra that I used to run with last year in Pearland! She isn’t going to be able to race this weekend and she graciously offered her packet/number to one of the other girls in our group. We met up during her lunch hour. THANK YOU SANDRA!!!! It was so fun seeing her! She is so pretty all dressed up in her work clothes… we usually only see each other at 5am in the dark while running… 😉

After packet pick up… I met up with Torry and Cyndi. She had just gotten a final treatment from him at his chiropractic office before heading on her way. Torry introduced us to his new favorite place to eat lunch. He is obsessed with Snap Kitchen! Their mission:

We are dedicated to bringing our customers flavorful, handcrafted food that supports our commitment to local, organic ingredients and healthy cooking. Snap Kitchen’s menu offers a selection of “foodie” items made fresh daily, salads tossed-to-order (flagship locations), juices and specialty elixirs, high-energy snacks, and diet-friendly desserts for the person on the go.
All of our menu items are portion controlled and labeled with the full nutritional content. Just stop by one of our convenient locations, grab your food and go, or order online for delivery or curbside pickup.

Eat right. Feel Great. Live well!

I love it! I’m just a little jealous that I don’t work in down town and can’t stop in as much as he does…

However…. Cole was set on beans and rice…. so we let Torry have Snap Kitchen and we headed over to Chipotle. -4

Torry is reading a book called “The Compound Effect” by Darren Hardy. He told us all about it during lunch… very interesting to think how our lives are affected by the habits that we do on a daily basis… and just slightly changing those things can have such a huge impact later. The earlier you start making small changes, the more powerfully the compound effect works in your favor…. hmmm… I am so interested in reading this now!

After saying good-bye to Cyndi and Cole, I had to GO BACK to Luke’s Locker because in all of the hoopla, I forgot to transfer Sandra’s packet to my friends name…

I grabbed a Whole Foods cookie – 5

Then I went to the downtown Houston 24 Hour Fitness…. it was the only way I was going to get a work out in and I needed the activity points and the stress relief that working out gives me!!! I actually forgot my earbuds in the car, but still did 30 minutes of elliptical and 10 minutes of bike  +7

As I was walking out of 24 Hour Fitness…. (which I have never been to this location) there was a maintenance man with a big floor buffer in the elevator… so I was going to take the stairs… as I walked out, I used the wrong door and managed to SET OFF THE FIRE ALARM!!! I was so embarrassed!!! It was So Incredibly Loud!!! The maintenance man felt sorry for me and let me jump in the elevator with him and the UPS man showed to how to get out the building with the least amount of embarrassment!!!

Then I drove to my parents house to pick up some computer items that I needed…..

And when I got home…. THESE were in the kitchen and I didn’t have a single second to prepare dinner before I had to leave again…. instead of grabbing a protein bar (which would have been just as easy…) I ate these!!!!  -12

After I got home from youth night at church – I made a spinach smoothie with added greek yogurt!  Thx for the tip Cyndi!!! +2

Ahhhhh……… busy busy busy week, but so much fun!!! I am sooo glad Cyndi was able to pull off a surprise of a lifetime! It was great for us to get to spend time together!!!

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