Total points: 43 (trying to catch up on eating my activity points for the week)
Activity: 10

Pre-spin: multi-grain waffle w/1TBS RF PB
Hardest spin class today…the overall phases of the workout were harder, the teacher even said she was making today harder, but I also was just exhausted.  My legs were tired and it took everything I had to just finish.
Ended up getting home later than expected and forgot I had to work so I didn’t have time to make anything so I just grabbed a protein bar.
Post-spin: 5
Then Keller felt bad because I had a 3.5 hour shift and all I’d had was the protein bar so he surprised me by making me my favorite:
(so proud of him!!)
Also had some watermelon, no pic.
After work, I was so tired but also hungry and craving a variety of things.  So I made a green protein smoothie, some naan w/hummus, and sweet potato chips w/hummus.  I shared with Keller.
Dinner: went out to dinner at Chuy’s….mmmm…8 chips w/pico and a small amount of green sauce, my usual Chuy’s special 3 blue corn tortillas (ate 2), chicken, verde salsa, a pinch of cheese. (didn’t touch rice, beans, or sour cream)
Snack: apple (no pic)
Late night snack: 1/4C blue bell
And another protein pancake
It’s funny because looking back…our late night snacks used to be ice cream, chips and salsa or some other kind of junk…now I actually crave apples w/PB, greek yogurt, or if I have enough points like today a protein pancake!!

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40 years old, "stay at home mom" to 2 boys (ages 16 and 14), wife to a chiropractic kinesiologist! I love blogging and learning new ideas. I follow the Weight Watchers Points Plus program and enjoy working out. I have run 2 full 26.2 mile marathons and 3 half marathons... and many 10k and 5k's. I love taking BodyPump classes and lifting weights. Working out has always been fun for me, but I struggle with eating healthy. Blogging has introduced me to a world of healthy eaters... When I first started WW... I just wanted someone to tell me what to eat! I didn't like cooking and I am not the kind of person that can just throw things together. There are tons of ideas out there and I love finding new and fun ones that I feel like I am capable of making myself!

3 thoughts on “Cyndi

  1. Allie

    Now see…I love beans and rice at Mexican Restaraunts! That's something I don't want to have to give up completely…but I guess that means you just "save-up" your points?! Sorry, for my dumb questions. I'm still just learning how all this works.

  2. Carman

    Hey Allie, Yes you have to 'plan' ahead for sure if there are just some foods you can't live w/out. For me, I can live w/out rice and beans but I usually always have my chips & salsa…..but I literally count out 12 chips for 4pts and enjoy every bite!! 😉 So if you can't live w/out rice & beans you need to figure out what the serving size is before you go and will most likely have to divide the amount they give you in half…..totally do-able….you just have to have a PLAN!!! That is key and huge to getting to enjoy the foods you love w/out overeating them and going over points! 😉

  3. Cyndi

    Allie…ditto what Carman said. I just choose what's more important to me. If I loved these kind of beans and rice I would have eaten them! Now if it's Chipotle beans and rice then I'm all over it, but I only eat half of the portions or just plan for it ahead of time. I'm a big planner. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. I will look up menu's before I go to restaurants so that I already know what I want when I get there. And I usually save a couple extra points in case there's something I just have to have. But then again, it's being able to control only having a little. It's a process!


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