Total: 51
Activity: 0 (not for lack of trying, I just wanted to add)

Woke up early again, not sure what is wrong with my body that it feels like 6:30 is the new 8:30!  I still hadn’t eaten at 8 and was starting to get really hungry so we went down and ate breakfast (I was actually planning on this being my pre-workout snack)
Breakfast: wheat toast w/RFPB
 So after I ate this I suddenly got extremely tired, so much so that I laid down on the couch until Cole finished is breakfast and then put him in his room with a movie and went back to sleep until 10:30!!  Crazy.
Snack: after 10am nap (am I a 3-month-old? geez)
 Took Cole to a pool playdate that we were now an hour late for.  Came home and had leftovers for lunch from last night’s dinner.
So here’s the deal, I found out tonight that my lunch was about 14 points, had I known this before I went to cook dinner, dinner would not have ended up the way it did.  Also, the main problem here is the fact that I refuse to go to the store until I have eaten every possible last thing in my fridge.
Lunch: 1/2 a serving more than last night’s dinner serving (2nd serving not shown)
Snack: 2 cups of my fav kettlecorn while watching Nanny McPhee w/Cole
After the movie it was time for quiet time and for mommy to have her 2nd nap of the day.  So we both went upstairs and just as I was falling into a deep sleep Cole comes in to tell me he’s just going to get Batman and then go back to his room. So then of course I can’t fall back asleep, so I get up and put on my workout clothes and go to get Cole, and guess who’s in the deep sleep that I was longing to be in…yes that’s right Cole!
So instead I take advantage of the time to clean my room and bathroom and I go through my closet in preparation for our move and fill up 2 bags with clothes and shoes to take to Goodwill.  
After Cole wakes up he tells me he wants a quesadilla for dinner, but I tell him that mommy has to have some vegetables and chicken so I click on my Real Simple cooking app and put in spinach and what to I get…a chicken, spinach quesadilla. 
As I pulling out the tortillas to defrost and getting the chicken ready to put on the BBQ, I also find a leftover Roma tomato and see an onion and immediately my mind thinks caramelized onions w/tomato and spinach.  I’m not sure what’s gotten into me lately, I’m usually never this creative when Keller is out of town.  It takes too much work for just Cole and I!
But I proceed to make a chicken, spinach, tomato and carmelized onion quesadilla and oh how delicious it was!  However…after eating it, I figured out that one quesadilla (so 1 tortilla not 2) was 10 points and I not only ate mine, but 1/3 of Cole’s and then had a serving of chips…oh my!
So I had taken pictures of my step by step recipe of making this delicious quesadilla, but I’m not sure it’s the best thing to post, unless you substitute a low carb or lower point tortilla (mine was 4), and used reduced fat cheese.
So anywho Dinner: 14
Oh no sweeties, we aren’t done…I couldn’t get satisfied and needed something, but couldn’t figure out what, PROBLEM, usually when I’m feeling this I reach for fruit, but I HAVE NONE.  So instead I told myself I hadn’t had ice cream in awhile so I had some.
Snack: 5
And finally, I really wanted to get a workout in today.  So I decided before dinner that after Cole went down I would so a kettlebell workout with swings, squats, clean presses, etc.  So after my food digested I went downstairs to start my workout and somehow ended up in the freezer again with my spoon in the half gallon and no workout completed.
Add another 5 to the ice cream!
oy vey, I’m going to bed…spin and weights tomorrow!!

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