Total points: 41
Activity: 9 (15min AMT, 30 min weight workout)

Felt super snacky today…couldn’t get satisfied!
Pre-workout:  5
Post-workout: protein shake and TLC flaxseed bar
Snack: at a friend’s house for a playdate
Lunch: chicken and avocado sandwich, sweet potato chips and hummus
Took a 2 hr nap, mostly so I wouldn’t eat anymore!!
Snack:  protein green smoothie
Dinner: went to a restaurant downtown Austin with my girly’s for Moms Night Out!  It was a Spanish tapas restaurant which serves appetizer like entrees and then everyone shares.  I forgot my phone in the car so this is a guesstimation based off the plates we shared.  
proscuitto, fruit, bread, cheese, pork ribs, empanadas, shrimp, veggie dishes (the portions were tiny, my plate was the size of a bread plate and was never full)
Needless to say I was ready for a pizza after this!

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