Total points: 52
Activity: 10 yoga

Pre-workout: no pic, 2 bites of Cole’s eggo w/PB and banana
Post-workout: 3
Lunch: in the car on the way to visit friends for the weekend
Einstein bagel tasty turkey on good grains, lite on cream cheese, and fruit on the side
and about 1/4 of Cole’s sugar cookie (not worth it)
Snack: 1/4C peanut butter M&M’s
Dinner: pork tacos  on corn tortillas w/cabbage and cilantro dressing w/Julio’s chips
Snack: 4
My friend’s AC broke right about now…it was 105 degrees outside and now it was 82 degrees in her house…we were dying!  So we took the kids to McDonald’s while we waited for the AC guy to come. I shared an M&M mcflurry with Cole (kind of shared, I had like 5 bites)
Snack: I was sooo tired from staying out until 3am with my mom’s the night before, but my friends do not let me go to bed early when I’m at their house!  so I ate to stay awake!
another bagel w/cream cheese

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