Cole’s birthday party day…we were lazy getting out of bed so we didn’t get up until after 9. No exercise.

Breakfast: green smoothie w/yogurt 3pts

Lunch: Cole’s fav place Mooney’s…shared my usual teriyaki chicken sandwich w/Keller-miracle because I can never share with my husband who has a tape worm- and sweet potato fries, 4 sips of shake before the kids got to them 15pts

Dinner: mock Cafe Rio salad leftovers 12pts

Dessert/Snack: had about 1 of these giant cookies- it was Cole’s birthday cake 20pts? guesstimate

Had something else, but can’t remember and it’s not in my phone…I know I ended the night with a bowl of cereal to clear the sugar binge off my palate. Probably some bluebell (maybe 1/4C, there was hardly any left) and probably some bites of chocolate cake. Let’s just say, not my best day!

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