6/14  Total points = 59…don’t judge

Woke up today so tired…body exhausted…and I realized I hadn’t taken a day off exercising since last Sunday.  So I decided to take the day off and then of course had the highest point day ever…actually not day just night!  Awesome!

Breakfast: on the way to a hair appt…5
Jun+14%252C+2011+9 27+AM jpg Cyndi
 Lunch: at the top of the JSMB overlooking temple square, 2 bites of roll, veggie sandwich w/hummus and avocado, 1 fry, 1 sweet potato fry, 3 bites of french bread, 6 chips, and fruit
Jun+14%252C+2011+12 22+PM jpg Cyndi
Jun+14%252C+2011+12 43+PM jpg Cyndi
Jun+14%252C+2011+12 58+PM jpg Cyndi
 Snack: while walking around temple square
(my niece Liz and I)
Jun+14%252C+2011+3 00+PM jpg Cyndi
Jun+14%252C+2011+3 01+PM jpg Cyndi
 Snack: 0
 Jun+14%252C+2011+8 20+PM jpg Cyndi
Dinner: pork, green beans, rice
Jun+14%252C+2011+6 39+PM jpg Cyndi
 Dessert: 3 of these
Jun+14%252C+2011+8 19+PM jpg Cyndi
 My niece and I went to see The Pirates movie and I kind of lost it!!
movie popcorn w/butter, 8-10 licorice, snack size twix, bite of snack size milky way, about 15 peanut butter m&m’s…
about 30 points…geez
Jun+14%252C+2011+9 15+PM jpg Cyndi

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