Total points: 28
Activity: 0 for me, but at least 2 for the Army guys

 Cole and I got a little distracted during church and put his Army guys into yoga poses!
Shared this with Keller on the way home from church
Lunch: Protein WAFFLES?!??!
used the same recipe for our fav protein pancakes, but just poured them on a waffle iron, so delicious!
(upped the points because the portion was a little bit bigger plus I used a little agave, a little syrup, and a little butter)
Went into a coma nap until 6:30, Keller and Cole finally woke me up to make dinner.
Was going to have verde enchiladas, but didn’t have any verde sauce, so instead I put red taco sauce, garlic, and some of Carman’s famous salsa in the crockpot with chicken.  Had only 4 medium wheat tortillas and a stack of small corn tortillas…topped them with a mixture of cottage cheese and sour cream, chicken, 1/2 oz of cheese.  Made 2 different pans, one I topped with just the red salsa and cheese and the second one I topped with the remaining mixture of the cottage cheese and sour cream mixed with the salsa then topped with shredded cheese.  It was an instant hit with everyone…so delicious and super healthy!
I had 1/2 of one of the wheat enchiladas, and 1 and 1/2 of the corn with about a TBS of guacamole, green beans, and fruit.
Request from Keller…WW oatmeal cookies, had 1 from dough and 2 cooked

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2 thoughts on “Enchiladas

  1. Carman

    I've been wondering if the protein pancake would make a good waffle!! I'm sooooo gonna have to do it that way the next time I make it. Looks soo good! Those enchiladas look and sound soo good too! You need to make sure and post the recipe under dinner ideas. 😉


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