Total points: 36
Activity: 10

A pretty low key day today…went to see my favorite Chiropractor Dr. Hinson…apparently I’m so messed up that an hour wasn’t long enough to fix me, but whatever he did do made me so tired when I got back home I could barely function.  So Cole had some quiet time and mommy went to take a nap, but the crappy thing was I couldn’t sleep.  My body was so exhausted, but I couldn’t quiet my mind enough to sleep.  So after about 45 minutes I gave up and just started cleaning things up around the house.  Cole ended up falling asleep of course, LUCKY (said in Napoleon Dynamite voice).  Then I went to Fire 90 (hot yoga for 90 minutes).  Came home, made dinner, put Cole to bed and then had girls night in with my Bachelorette watching buddy.

Breakfast: on the way to Torry’s, wheat toast w/PB
Snack: on the way home from Torry’s
Lunch: pita, hummus, turkey, veggies, light ranch dip
Pre-yoga: I really hate to eat before I workout, especially before yoga, but Torry found that my body was dehydrated (which is hialrious because I drink at least a gallon of water per day) and so I was just trying to get some electrolytes in me before I sweat to death
Post- yoga: for some reason this week I’ve come across a number of articles that list chocolate milk as one of the best recovery drinks.  When I was training for my half-marathon, one of my husband’s friends’ who is an avid runner raved about the benefits your body gains from drinking chocolate milk for recovery.  So because I’m making sure to eat my activity points this week and hydrate my body, I thought I’d try one today.  (Don’t tell Cole though because these are technically his milks that he takes to school in his lunch 😉
 Dinner: kind of odd, there was only half an enchilada left (PS this is now day 4 of enchiladas) and Cole said he wanted it so I shared a little bit of it with him and then was too lazy to cook anything else for me and decided it would be excellent to have breakfast for dinner!!
Snack: during Bachelorette Girls Night In…needed a good kick of protein and points so I experimented…I took 1/2 cup water, 1/2 cup 1% milk, scoop of my Chocolate protein, 1 TBS All-natural peanut butter, half a banana, and some ice.  Blend it all together for a delicious chocolate, peanut butter, banana shake!

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3 thoughts on “Cyndi

  1. Allie

    I love your lunch ideas! I'm terrible at finding something to eat besides PB&J! And your peanut butter banana shake looks good!

  2. Cyndi

    Thanks Allie!! I love me some pb&j!! And the shake was surprisingly delicious…you have to find a good protein though!One thing I've been trying to work on is to pre-plan my lunches. So when I'm at the grocery store I'm conscious of what I'm buying and putting together options of meals as I shop. I used to just go to the grocery store and buy stuff without thinking if it would all go together. That's one thing I'm trying to work on!


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