C-ville day 7

Woke up full of awesome again!  And headed off to a kickboxing class.  Had a bite of Cole’s eggo w/pb.  The class was awesome.  High energy, high intensity and very fun.  I felt like finally I was starting to feel normal again! Kickboxing 60 min +8pts

Stopped by a gas station and grabbed a post workout chocolate milk.  Drank half.

1 cup= 4pts

Breakfast: 1C Nature’s Path flaxseed cereal and a banana- 4pts

Cole and on were on a mission to find a bouncy house in this town.  Unfortunately, we were unsuccessful.  So we headed to Subway for lunch.

Lunch: NEW oven  baked chicken (since I can’t have lunch meat while prego) on wheat w/spinach, cucumbers, green peppers, onions, and pickles. It was super delicious!!! and probably about 8pts

Since we couldn’t find a bouncy house we had to find something else fun to do, and we just happened to drive by a bowling alley.  So we went bowling.

Snack: while bowling 1/4C Trader Joe’s nut and cranberry mix 3pts

Bowling shoes look so much cuter on kids!

Cole kicked my trash!  No really, the only reason I even had that high of a score was because the bumpers were left up on my last couple turns whereas before they would go down for my turn.  I seriously suck at bowling, but we had a blast!

Came back to the hotel and grabbed a snack.

Snack: veggies w/dip and pita w/hummus- 2pts

Small problem here…while waiting for daddy to get home, I started getting hungry and bored.  Instead of making myself a sandwich or grabbing a yogurt, I picked on a twizzlers pull n’ peel and 3 powdered doughnuts.  9pts YIKES!!!

My sister Sherilynn works remotely for a company based in Nashville and just happened to be in the office this week so we met up with her for dinner at Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville restaurant downtown Nashville.  They had live music and lots of fun stuff for Cole.

While we were waiting for our table Cole met a friend on the street.

The restaurant was kind of like bar food.  The best thing on the menu was either a fish choice or fajitas.  I choose fajitas and they were actually really delicious!

Dinner: chicken, peppers and onions, 2 tortillas, salsa, sprinkle of cheese (did not eat rice)- 10pts?

A pirate on stilts came around and made a balloon sword for Cole and then they had a sword fight.  It was pretty hilarious!

Victory pic w/sasa

and daddy!

After dinner we walked down to an ice cream store and Cole and I shared a cone.  Not sure how many points? 6? (didn’t eat all of it)

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One thought on “C-ville day 7

  1. Lexy

    Awww! Looks like a really fun day! Cool that you were able to meet up with your sister!! :) Glad you are feeling better and I’m loving the idea of waking up “full of awesome”! :) Thanks for the encouraging words!


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