Day 3 C-ville

The Internet at the luxurious Holiday Inn Express is super testy.  Especially when I’ve been trying to post at night, it usually doesn’t work very well.  So that’s why I’m raining a little late on posts…

Friday…kind of a “nothing seemed to go right” day

Breakfast: eggo w/pb and banana

Went to Target to buy a yoga mat, because I forgot mine, and went to a yoga class I thought started at 10:30, but actually started at 10:15.  So I had to sneak in the back which by the way is totally against yoga etiquette!!  I don’t know if I’m just a yoga snob now or what, but I did not enjoy the class at all.  The teacher had us doing random things and nothing flowed.  Plus it was only 30 min because I was late so I literally felt like I got nothing out of it, which totally sucked because I had been really looking forward to it.

Then Cole and I went to the park.

Snack at park.

Not even 10 minutes after we got there, Cole comes running up to me and says “there was juice on the slide”.  And as he turned around and showed me the red mess all over his WHITE shorts, it looked like there was an entire juice box that had been spilled on the slide and he slid right through it!  So we went to the car to see if I had anything for him to change into.  Grabbed some jammies he had in his backpack and he went commando back to the playground.  10 minutes after that he comes running up and tells me he has to go #2.  So we left.

I was really craving some good Mexican food so I went on to see if there was anything in the area.  I found a restaurant called Burritos that someone had posted was better than Chipotle…guess what…they were WRONG.  It was seriously sick.  It was like walking into a dirty old fast food restaurant, but I was trying not to be judgmental and hope that the reviews were right so we decided to try it.

Lunch: shredded chicken and fajitas veggies burrito w/a little cheese, pico, and lettuce, totally nasty, ate half, and so bummed cause even the chips were gross!

I was feeling very defeated at this point and I really wanted to find something fun for Cole to do.   So we decided to go to a museum that had a children’s area.  It’s called the Customs House Museum.  The museum is housed in a building originally designed to be a post office and custom house to handle the large volume of foreign mail created by the city’s international tobacco business.  It was built in 1898.  The architect used lots of different styles including romanesque and gothic.  It’s not a building you would expect to see in Clarksville, TN.

In the basement they have an entire city block of model trains, a maze, an old town recreated and housing artifacts from the city, and then an entire play area for kids with toys, a grocery store, bubble cave, and games.  Needless to say, it was a gem of a find and we were here for almost 3 hours!

Those are old cars behind us and then Cole standing in front of an old fire engine.

And then I was really hungry so Cole made me some more lunch in the grocery/kitchen area.  Not sure how many points is was 😉

After the museum I needed a treat and craving some more of that frozen yogurt, but it was far away so we tried another shop.  They didn’t even have chocolate!  I wasn’t too excited with them!

Then Daddy called and said he was done for the day and heading to the gym and since I didn’t get a very good workout in with yoga, I decided to meet him there.  My heart wasn’t really in it, but I went on the AMT for 10 min., did a couple sets of curls and wood chops, and then did intervals on the spin bike of 20 min.  While walking into the weight room I hit a barbell with the side of my thigh and now now a huge bruise.  I’m telling you, not the best day!

(NOTE: I can tell a HUGE difference in my exercise ability level and it’s seriously killing me.  I am huffing and puffing on a level 4 of the AMT after 10 min, when I used to do level 10 for 30 min.  I know I know, I’m pregnant blah blah! Just having a little issue with it!)

For dinner, I was sick of eating out, but there wasn’t really anything healthy you could grab and go, so we decided on pizza.  I had a spinach salad kit that I bought at the store and fruit so I figured we could still have some healthy stuff.

Dinner: salad, fruit, pizza

Keller also ordered a cinnapie, which I found out when they delivered it, one of my big downfalls!  Had 3 pieces…no pic…totally worth it!



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