Cyndi did not fall off the face of the earth

My first post to our new site…”like a virgin…”

I have so much to recap that I’ve decided to split my posts up.  So this is my “Cyndi did not fall off the face of the earth” post.  It’s been a busy month.  Things that have happened in the last 6 weeks:

1. Keller got a new job

2. Keller almost drowned (but he’s fine…I told his if he ever did that again I’d kill him)

3. We decide to move Cole and I to Utah because Keller’s job will take him away for 3 months at a time

4. We inform our landlord we will be moving and our town home leases in 4 days

5. We fly to Portland for a high school friend’s “camping” wedding

6. By the time we get back, we have 8 days to pack our stuff, organize what needs to be left out and what will go in storage, and get everything moved

7.  Oh and we did also find out one important thing…ad so did Lexy and Carman while we were reading some magazines at Barnes and Noble.

The boys were jealous of our pic and wanted their own.

After 2 years, 1 failed round of fertility drugs, thousands of prayers, hundreds of tears, and lots of gettin’ it on 😉 … we are very excited to be expecting #2.  I find the timing of it all very interesting.  For one, there was a short window of time that it could have possibly happened because Keller was in the Czech Republic for almost all of June and then left 2 weeks later for Hawaii.  The way I found out was by chance because I went in to my dr.’s office to have him put me on birth control because I hadn’t had a period for 3 months (which wasn’t odd because I went without a year without a period).  In the process of him examining me he found a sac that he said could be a polyp or an early pregnancy.  I didn’t get my hopes up, because I had decided long before that it will happen when it’s supposed to happen.  The day the nurse called me to tell me my test results was the day I got a text message from a wife of my husband’s friend asking me how Keller was and if he was ok.  I hadn’t heard from him in a day, which wasn’t totally abnormal, but her text of course freaked me out.  I called her and she told me that her husband told her that Keller had passed out while diving and that he was in ICU but she didn’t know anything else.  After an hour of trying to get a hold of someone who had any information, Keller finally called me.  The incident had happened the day before, but he had told his guys not to call me because he wanted to be the one to do it.  I told him if he ever did that again I would drown him myself!  (jk…no one call the cops or anything)  So after I hung up the phone with him, 5 minutes later I get a call from the nurse that says “your pregnant”.  I think I said “are you sure”, and she said “I’m 100% positive”.  So there you go.  I will recap our trip to Portland and the move and my unhealthy eating choices along the way in a couple other posts.

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5 thoughts on “Cyndi did not fall off the face of the earth

  1. Susan A.

    I feel sort of odd writitng to someone that I’ve never met, but just wanted to say thank you…thank you for posting your stories and inspiring me to get on the wagon and get my weight under control! By reading your posts, it really helps and encourages me. I wish you a healthy, easy, happy pregnancy. That is such great news for you and your family. Goodness comes back….you have put so much goodness out there, that it is your turn to receive some…please keep going with the website! You are really helping me and encouraging me! Susan….a friend you have never met, but nonetheless extended the hand of friendship through the web. Thank you!

  2. cyndihinson Post author

    Allie and Susan, thanks for the comments! Comments like yours encourage me to keep going even when the baby…I mean…I… want to eat an entire half gallon of blue bell ice cream.


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