Cyndi Marathon Day


Day of the race…couldn’t sleep pretty much all night. Got out of bed around 6am. Chewed up some adrenal complex (as prescribed by Torry…almost threw up), got ready and had a pre-race breakfast of peanut butter Power bar and a banana. Also drank a 4 oz bottle of water with Crystal Light energy. Was still having awful sinus pressure in my head (even though my friend’s husband gave me a steroid shot in my butt the night before, apparently it didn’t work fast enough) so I took 2 Excedrin. This was probably my first mistake, a little too much caffeine in my system. It was freezing outside when we first started. The cold mixed with my asthma and sickness was not awesome. The race started at 7:30am. The first couple miles I just tried to keep up with my girlys, but very quickly it got really hard for me to breathe. So I just tried to really focus on controlling my breathing. The entire course was up and down hills, just when I got my breath, it was up another hill. The mile of hell 4-5 was the roughest part of the race. I made it through that mile in 12 minutes exactly. So I thought that was pretty good. However, now I was smoked…hills are killer. I was taking way more walking breaks than I wanted to, but I was exhausted. By mile 9 I was trying everything just to keep my feet shuffling along. Slowly I kept seeing the 2:20 and then 2:30 pacers slowly making their way away from me. At mile 10, I picked up a GU packet (even though I’d been munching on sports beans all run) thinking it might give me the boost I needed for the last 3 miles. At mile 11 with no bathroom in site it hit me…you know what I’m talking about, the if you run anymore you’re going to be sorry feeling, so the last 2 miles were a slow shuffling jog/walking. At this point I was like whatever, I just want to finish this and get to the bathroom. Right as I was rounding the corner to the finish, one of my besties was there to run the last stretch with me. Finished at 2:48:44 and went straight to the bathroom. I was seriously dehydrated. I almost puked in the shower and could not stray too far from a toilet. That feeling was not awesome.

I really did not want to do another race…but I kind of feel like I got robbed. I know I can do a way better time if 1. I wasn’t sick 2. we did a non-hill race 3. I take an Imodium…so I guess I’ll have to try again another time. I think first I want to do a triathlon sprint and then another half…if you’re thinking oh maybe she’ll do a full…NO…WILL NOT HAPPEN.

Total points = 70 HOLY CRAP!!

Pre-race breakfast: 7pts

After-race: no pics banana, saltines (can’t remember how many, I was seriously ill) 8oz 7up 7pts

Breakfast: went to my favorite place for pancakes, by this time I was starting to feel a lot better and was starving, ordered a short stack of buttermilk pancakes but could only eat 1, also ate a piece of sourdough toast not pictured and had a glass of oj 16pts

Came home and crashed for a 2 hour nap, snack after nap: apple and NPB 3pts

Dinner: 14pts

Dessert: 3 cinnapie sticks and 1C southern blackberry cobbler 24 pts

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One thought on “Cyndi Marathon Day

  1. lexy

    Awesome Race Recap :) Those were some killer hills if you had the same course as last year! So happy for you for accomplishing your goal!!Awesome!!


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