1st day in Clarksville

Our first day in Clarksville.  Keller headed off to work early this morning and Cole and I slept in until 8…ahhh!  We are staying at a Holiday Inn Express, unfortunately it is not the best one I’ve ever stayed in.  I was a little worried about our breakfast options, but pleasantly surprised to find eggos.

Eggo w/PB and a banana- 5

Decided to go on an exploring adventure.  Cole had no jeans (because it was 100 frickin degrees when I packed his stuff, not 60!).  We ventured to the mall and found some cute jeans at GAP.  Cole wanted a pretzel from Auntie Annie’s and fortunately there was a Chick-fil-A next to it so I could grab a yogurt.

Yogurt parfait and 3 of Cole’s pretzel nuggets- (did not use granola) 6

Had to find a carwash cause our car was seriously sick!  It took me an hour to find one I liked.  For some strange reason, I was craving a BBQ sandwich from Hardee’s (which is similar to Carl’s Jr and what I was hoping it would taste like).  It was not as good as I remembered, but fine.  I got Cole a turkey burger and it was actually delicious!  I would totally recommend those!

Hardee’s BBQ chicken sandwich- 10 (called Lexy to find out points and couldn’t believe it was so high, there’s nothing on it besides a chicken breast, bun, and lettuce)

Stopped at Kroger to grab some healthy food to have in our hotel room.  It felt so good to finally get some fruit and veggies to have handy!  I am seriously so sick of eating out!

1/2 Bolthouse Farms Green Goodness- 2

Healthy snacks yay!!

Pre-workout- 1/2 balance bar and 1/2 banana- 3

We were able to get an interim membership at a local gym.  It like one of the coolest gyms I’ve ever seen.  They have 2 cardio areas, 1 is a cardio theater where they play movies on a huge screen in surround sound, a weight room, classes, indoor and outdoor pool and kids classes!  It felt so good to workout after the last week I’ve had!

30 min. AMT

Decided to grab Outback for dinner because it was close and the healthiest option.  It was the BEST Outback Steakhouse I’ve ever been to.  The best part was you can order your meal “light and healthy” which will make it under 500 calories and removes any butter or extra junk they usually cook with.  Seriously the best meal I’ve had yet.  I seriously think we will be going back there A LOT!!

Dinner:  3oz filet, 3 shrimp, green beans, 1/2 potato, bread- 12

I was craving some froyo…this concoction was thanks to Lexy who had me craving it ever since we were in Houston.

Shared this with Cole, FF chocolate, couple brownies, scoop of chocolate chips, sprinkle of butterfinger…10?

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2 thoughts on “1st day in Clarksville

  1. Allie

    I love how you bought all the healthy stuff for your hotel room! I was just on vacation for 2 weeks before school started again and we ate out a ton! I didn’t step on the scale the whole time I was gone because I figured what’s the use?…When we got back I checked my weight anyway and found I had actually LOST (.4 lbs)! Not much but thanks to all the walking around we did in Vegas…Now all I really need to do is incorporate excersise daily. Can’t seem to get motivated enough. Ugh.


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